Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Pretty peonies

 Many years ago, my dear elderly friend Peggy gave me a peony to plant.  She cautioned me as to just the right depth to plant it, so we followed her instructions and the peony did thrive in spite of my rather brown thumb.  It didn't bloom for a few years, but every year the bush has gotten bigger and healthier looking.  For the past few years it has had quite a few blossoms.

This year there were a dozen or so buds,
but a heavy rain before they had all bloomed did wreak some havoc.  Thankfully, I had gotten a few pictures before the rain came.

I think Peggy would be pleased (and maybe surprised) to see how her peony bush is thriving!


  1. Just beautiful, Mrs. T! I love peonies, but have never had any. I'm not sure if they grow in our zone, but you have me interested in finding out.

    I can relate with your brown thumb. That is exactly how I have always described mine too. :D

    Hope you have a wonderful Independence Day and weekend!

  2. Hi Mrs. Smith! Thanks for your kind words about my peonies. I think they have thrived in spite of me. I love flowers, but I am just not good with plants. I was thinking someone, maybe Arlene (in North Alabama) had mentioned peonies don't do well in the South, but I honestly don't remember, so you'd better just do your own research rather than rely on my faulty memory!

    Hope your weekend was wonderful too!


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