Wednesday, June 27, 2018

June 27 Hodgepodge

Where, oh where does the time go?  Incredibly, it's Wednesday again, which means it's time for the Hodgepodge with Joyce and friends at From This Side of the Pond.  I like to play along because it means I'll write at least one post in a week, though I like to aim for more. 

Why don't you join in this week? Just head on over, copy the questions, then paste and answer them on your own blog.  Go back over to Joyce's to link up, and you're done!   Here are this week's questions: 

1. Security or freedom? Can you have both? Explain.

Pretty sure this isn't the answer you're looking for, but yes.  Security in knowing that I am in God's hands, secure for all eternity, and that my times are in His hands.  And freedom -- freedom from the bondage of sin, freedom from myself, freedom from worry -- I could probably go on for quite awhile about the security and freedom that are to be found in Christ.
This delightful Scripture graphic is by Abby at Little Birdie Blessings

2. If you could visit any historical American site what would it be? Why?

Not a historic site in the traditional sense but ... I have always been fascinated with St. Joseph, Missouri, the jumping-off place for so many wagon trains headed West.  In our visits to Elko, Nevada we have enjoyed the California Trail Center, where they have an area set up to look like a street in St. Joe, where the pioneers would purchase the items they needed for the arduous trip.  That has only increased my interest.

3. Free as a bird, free rein, be free of, free enterprise, free trip, walk away scot free, free for all...which 'free' phrase can best be applied to your life in recent days or weeks? Explain.

First of all, as a bona fide English/grammar geek, I must point out that the phrase "free reign" should be "free rein" as I have corrected it above.  The dictionary says:

I can't see how any of the above phrases can be applied to my life in recent days or weeks.  I will say, however, that on that future day when my trust responsibilities are finally completed and I can finally  be free of them.  I will undoubtedly feel as free as a bird!

4. Something in your fridge that's red? 

Strawberries!  Not as many as you see below, however.  We picked those in 2015 when our daughter and family visited. 

Something in your house that's white?

The kitchen appliances.  

 Something in your view that's blue?

The sky!  It's a gorgeous shade of blue as I write this early Tuesday afternoon.   The picture below is from a previous summer, but the sky is just as blue.

5. July 27th is National New Jersey Day. Have you ever visited The Garden State?

Yes, I have.

 If so where did you go? 

We took the ferry from Lewes, Delaware to Cape May, NJ, one stormy night in 2001.  We then had supper, spent the night and part of the next day visiting friends in Rio Grande, NJ before driving home to NH.

Are there diners where you live? 

Yes, indeed!  We love our local diners!  And even our not-so-local diners (the one below is in Maine).

 Have you tried Taylor Pork Roll? 

I had to look it up!  No, I've never had it, but it sounds actually quite good.  (Or maybe it's just that it's time for lunch.)  My mother used to cut slits in the edge of bologna slices when she fried it, that looked just like that. 

Do you like to play Monopoly? 


Salt water taffy-yay or nay? 

Yay!  I don't love salt water taffy, but it's good, especially when freshly made.  But chocolate dipped  almond brittle is better.

How do you feel about shopping at the mall? 

I'd rather not.

10,000 times better than shopping at a mall
Springsteen, Sinatra, or Bon Jovi - you have to pick one.

Sinatra, hands down.

Raise your hand if you know why these add-on questions are appropriate on National NJ Day.

This is not actually my hand -- the image is from Pixabay, but if possible, I would raise my hand with an ice cream cone in it!   At the beach.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Exciting mail in my mailbox today from Gooseberry Patch!  They are publishing two more of my recipes!  I can't even count the number of free cookbooks I have received in this way!

So ends another Hodgepodge!  Happy Wednesday, all!


  1. Congrats on being published Mrs T. I have one recipe that made their cut. I cant even remember which one it was but I got a free cookbook. The only place we have been in New Jersey is the Newark area. Charles got married in Little Ferry. I was less than impressed. I guess living in the South has spoiled me. However, I did love Vermont. The New Englanders were very welcoming and the area is just beautiful.

    1. I don't remember which book your recipe was in, Arlene, but the recipe was the Can't-Fail Biscuits. Interestingly, I have a paperback Christmas cookbook called Very Merry Christmas Cookbook -- your biscuit recipe is in there also, and, would you believe it, there is a second recipe of yours in this book: Chocolate Snowballs!

  2. Congrats on the new cookbook and the selection of your recipes.

    I considered joining in today, but my head isn’t working. Challenging questions!

    Grinning to read your commentary on homonyms. My pet peeve is “mother load” instead of the correct “mother lode.”

    Hope that you are enjoying summer! Looks as if you are.

    1. Oh, indeed! "Mother load" drives me crazy. Just because everyone is spelling something a certain way doesn't mean it's correct. I wish they would just stop and think. What could "sneak peak", "mother load" and "free reign", along with other misused words, possibly mean? They make no sense.

      Maybe you can join in next time, as Joyce (and rightfully so) is taking the 4th off from hodgepodging.

      Summer is going well, just seems to be passing too fast. And I just don't enjoy hot, humid weather at all!

  3. How exciting about your recipes being published. Congratulations! I love Gooseberry Patch and have several of their cookbooks. Now I'm wondering if I have any of the ones your recipes are in?
    Have a happy and blessed Fourth!

    1. You may well have some that my recipes are in, Stacy! I can't even remember all of the cookbooks I've received in this way, but a few are Slow Cooking All Year Round, Sunday Dinners at Grandma's, Hometown Harvest, and several of the Christmas ones.

      You have a happy and blessed Fourth as well!

  4. That is so awesome that your recipes are published! Great answers! We drive and visit Cape May every summer! We actually stay in Stone Harbor, NJ but always make time to spend a day shopping and exploring Cape May, NJ! Happy Wednesday!

    1. You should try submitting some recipes to Gooseberry, Ann! They are always looking for more, and it is so much fun to be published!

      We didn't get to spend any time in Cape May, as we headed home the very next day. And our friends no longer live in that area, so we aren't too likely to get back there again. But one never knows!

  5. My grandmother and my dad and stepmother would be shouting an AMEN to your answer to #1 for sure. :) We have places here that claim to be diners but I know what a diner is and they are not. LOL Have a wonderful Wednesday!

    1. Real diners are such great places to eat. We have several that we enjoy here in our area.

      Hope you had a great weekend!

  6. How exciting to have your recipes published! WOW!!! You are the first post I've read today that answered #1 the same way I did. I also chose Sinatra! Fun answers!!

    1. That's fun that we had the same answers on a couple of the questions.

      You should try submitting some recipes to Gooseberry Patch. They are always looking for new ones. They keep what you send them on file, and then use them when just the right book project comes up. It's actually been quite a few years since I sent them a recipe, but they periodically have used ones they had on file.

  7. Well, congratulations on your published recipes! I grew up on fried bologna and still enjoy it every now and again. My favorite was when Mom used to bring home ring bologna...did you ever have that? I loved your answer to #1 as well! Enjoy a fabulous July 4th!

    1. I don't remember having ring bologna, Debbie. But my mother did used to fry it into little "cups" and then she would melt cheddar cheese in the center of each. She was just trying to get some breakfast protein into me, her cereal-hating, egg-hating child. Now I like eggs just fine ...

      You have a fabulous Fourth too, Debby!

  8. Excellent answer to Question #1.

    And congrats on the publishing of your recipes with Gooseberry Patch! I've always enjoyed their books.

    1. Thanks, Barbara! I've enjoyed Gooseberry Patch books so much ever since I discovered them. I'm thankful to have received so many of the books for free with having a recipe or a craft published.


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