Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Our Fourth of July

Our day was low-key this year -- no parades, no fireworks -- but we enjoyed the day all the same. My mom has been hospitalized and came home Monday, so we've been pretty busy and a bit stressed.

Here's how we celebrated:

We started the day by going for an early-morning walk -- something we can't ordinarily fit into our schedule. Then we puttered around -- me doing some cooking, setting the table, etc. and hubby doing some outdoor tasks -- until our kids and their families came over following the parade.

We enjoyed a wonderful lunch together -- grilled hamburgers/hot dogs, potato salad, tossed salad, corn -- and then a fabulous patriotic dessert, some marshmallow pops for the kids, and watermelon.

The cousins enjoyed playing together and all of the guys were good sports about helping them play croquet, frisbee, blowing bubbles, and even splashing in our partially filled pool.

After everyone left, we worked on a few projects of our own. Later, after a supper of cookout leftovers, we went for an evening walk. After dark, our neighbors set off fireworks and we enjoyed them from our porch.

And that was our day! Hope everyone else had a glorious 4th!


  1. It sounds like a nice and quiet day but lots of fun.

    I was wondering, was it you who said that they use white vinegar instead of fabric softner? If so how much vinegar do you use? I tried it but when the wash was done and I opened the lid I was assalted by the smell of vinegar. Perhaps I used too much?

    If it wasn't you who said this I'll apologize in advance and feel free to ignore my question. LOL

  2. Yes, it was me. I just pour the vinegar into the "fabric softener dispenser" -- which in my washing machine is in the top center of the agitator thingy. I know the placement of this dispenser varies from machine to machine. I think that putting the vinegar in the dispenser assures that it will be added at just the right time in the rinse cycle. I'm guessing you probably did use too much. I never measure the vinegar, just pour it into the dispenser until I can see it, but next time I will try and measure to see how much I use. My guess would be a half cup or less.

  3. Thanks! I did pour it into the dispenser. Mine is located inside the agitator. I always just use a capful of downy and it only goes half way full and I filled it completely up with the vinegar.

    I'd appreciate it if you'd measure next time so that I can know for the meantime I'm going to try and use half of what I did.

    Thanks so much Mrs.T!!(o:

  4. I haven't done any laundry today so haven't had a chance to try measuring yet, but I think if you either use half of what you did, or use the Downy cap to measure the vinegar, that might do the trick. Think I'll probably have to do some laundry tomorrow so will check it out then. It really does work well for me! I should add that I don't use it with white wash, as I'm not sure how it would interact with the bleach. It would probably be fine, but I'm not sure so I don't do it.

  5. When your wash is done and you open the lid do you smell the vinegar? I did but I was wondering if maybe during the drying time that the smell would disapate.

    Sorry....I'm not trying to be a bother! (o:

  6. Hi Mrs. B,

    I did some laundry this morning so checked it out. I measured 1/2 cup of vinegar and poured it into the dispenser, and it looked just about the right level. I didn't notice a vinegar smell when I opened the lid, but I may be just used to the way it smells -- that is the "normal" smell of my laundry, so to speak. As I think back to when I first started doing this, I think I did notice a vinegar smell then. And you're right -- it does dissipate as it dries. I have never noticed that the dry clothes smell like vinegar at all.

    Hope this works for you! I never want to steer anyone in the wrong direction. It does work well for me...

  7. Yay!! **jumps up and down** I think I got the right amount now. I tried washing my quilt in it and it worked great. Now I'll try doing it with clothes.

    Thanks for your help! (o:

  8. Hurray!!!! I am so glad you are pleased with the results.


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