Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Unexpected apples

The apple tree wasn't here 32 years ago when we built our house. Somewhere in the intervening years between then and now, it sprang up. I've made many an apple pie and plenty of applesauce in those years, and often dump the apple cores and peelings "over the bank" to enrich the soil. We can only assume that our spindly apple tree got its start from one of those seeds. One early summer, we noticed a sprig of apple blossoms on the tree. An apple tree! We were excited to see it, but knew better than to expect much of it.

The next spring, there were more blossoms. And the next year, more. 2005 and 2006 were banner years for our apple blossoms -- and yes, we had apples. We tasted them and, even though they aren't much to look at on the outside, they taste pretty good!

Last week I went out and picked up a few and made applesauce for my parents. It tasted so good that the next day I picked up a large bowlful of apples. Mr. T discovered that our apple peeling/coring machine works fine on these windfall apples, and I've made 2 more batches of applesauce since. What a sweet, unexpected bonus!


  1. Yum yum!! We want to sometime (hopefully by next spring!) plant an apple tree to be "Julia's tree." I think it's so neat how yours sprang up accidentally. :)

    I've enjoyed reading all the posts about your Amtrak adventure so far!!

    Maybe you could share your applesauce recipe sometime?

  2. What a fun surprise!!! My kids used to try to grow watermelons by throwing the seeds out behind the house. Maybe the people who bought our house are enjoying some mysteriously appearing watermelons during the summer! LOL

  3. Oh, that is so neat, Susan! I hope some of the watermelon seeds did take root and that some watermelons grew from them. I don't imagine watermelons will grow in your present location -- or will they?

    Carrie, I have now posted the applesauce recipe. Hope to do another Amtrak adventure post today, but we'll see.


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