Monday, September 14, 2009

Crock Pot Ribs

Recently, I mentioned this recipe in my menus for the week. Lady m asked how long I cook the ribs for, so I decided to share the recipe again. I am sure the recipe is here in the archives somewhere, but I did a search for it and couldn't find it. So, I will post it once more.


3 to 4 pounds of country-style pork ribs
Steak seasoning, lemon pepper or other favorite seasoning to taste
1 cup barbecue sauce

Place ribs in crock pot. Sprinkle liberally with the seasoning of your choice. Lemon pepper is good; Montreal-style steak seasoning is outstanding. Or try one of your own favorites. That's all for now. Don't add anything else to the pot; just the ribs and seasoning. Cover crock pot. Cook ribs all day on Low, or 4 to 5 hours on High.

30 minutes before you are ready to eat, drain off all the liquid from the crock pot. Spread the barbecue sauce over the ribs. Cover crock pot again and continue to cook for 15-30 minutes.

This easy recipe produces some of the tastiest ribs you will ever eat. If you use bone-in ribs, the meat will fall off them. Boneless ribs are even better. This has become a favorite meal in our family! Great with mashed potatoes and coleslaw for a warming winter meal.

* I recently found that it works very well to scrub and pierce several baking potatoes and just place them on top of the ribs before cooking. The potatoes will be done perfectly when the ribs are done. Just remove them and keep them warm while you are doing the last steps of draining the ribs and adding the barbecue sauce. *

That's it! Hope you enjoy the ribs!


  1. This recipe look great. I going to try it .

  2. This recipe, Mrs. T has become a favoriate. I figured out that maybe it needed bbq sauce and added that with a bit of herbs and cooked it overnight for last Sunday dinner.

    It was delicious!!!

    We also had it with potatoes, but I made them on a skillet with garlic and onions.

    Thank you for sharing it ;)


    lady m

  3. Thanks for your thoughtful comments!

    Lady m, I am glad you figured out the recipe on your own... sorry, though, that I had not gotten it posted as quickly as I had hoped to. I am glad that your family enjoyed it so much.

    My daughter has figured out a way to make shepherd's pie with the crockpot rib leftovers. I made that on Monday night, changing her recipe somewhat, and it came out delicious. I hope to post that soon. (I need to write down what I did before I forget it.)

    Thanks for visiting!

    God bless,


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