Monday, September 08, 2014

Progress on the December sampler

Just a quick update to show my progress!  Haven't had much time yet in September to work on this, but made quite a bit of progress in August.  Still hoping to finish by December ... The lettering is all cross stitch and is very quick and easy.  In the upper right corner there will be a little vignette of a fireplace, as well.  There's only a tiny amount of backstitching involved in this sampler, so that will be simple and quick too.


  1. Very nice Mrs T!! i am still working on a Halloween sampler that has taken me two years!! Gotta make more time for stitching.

  2. Thanks, Arlene!! I know what you mean about making more time for stitching. I love cross stitch and embroidery probably the most of all, though I also enjoy sewing, crochet, and more. But my time is SO limited. I am in a very busy season of life right now and I think you are, as well. Someday, Lord willing, we will have more stitching time again.


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