Thursday, June 29, 2017

From the June archives

I'm finding it really enjoyable to try and do a post from the archives of each month.  So here, at the end of June,  is a potpourri of links from some previous Junes.  Enjoy!

From 2006, a post about My Quote Journal.  If you don't have one of these, you might consider starting one.  Mine has been hugely helpful to me, and I've even made some for gifts.

In 2007 I posted my daughter Carrie’s Iced Tea recipe.  It's so refreshing!  Easy, too.

Now It Can Be Told tells the heartwarming story of a precious gift I was given ... twice!
The 2008 post Our Shepherd’s Provision shares some lessons I was learning from a study of Psalm 23.

Light shining in a dark place relates an incident that happened one summer night in our home.
This photo, as well as the calendar one at the top of the post, are from Photos Public Domain
In 2012 I shared the recipe for Layered Fruit Salad in a Jar -- perfect for summer potlucks or family reunions, and so pretty!

Lastly (there are many other June posts, of course, but I'm restraining myself here), here is a post about a wonderful gift for young children -- a Child’s Needlework Basket which has been a hit with my grandchildren.  Got summer birthdays coming up?  Check this out.

Archive posts are fun for me!  Hope my readers are enjoying them too.


  1. Since I'm a relative newcomer here, I have missed most of these posts. I'm going to go link diving!

    1. Have fun, Vee! I see you have visited "Now It Can Be Told". What an incident that was!

  2. Great idea Mrs T. I might steal this idea for days when I am struggling to come up with a post.

    1. The idea isn't original with me, Arlene, but it is a fun type of post to write. I always find something I had forgotten about!

      Hope you decide to do some posts like this. I never have trouble with ideas for posts -- it's just finding the time to write them!

  3. Love this idea. The quote notebook is something I think I will add to my to do. I really like that as well as that first quote by Meyer..I think that was the name.

  4. Thanks, Sandy! It's not an original idea with me, but I do find these archive posts a lot of fun.

    I hope you do get to make a quote journal. I am so thankful for mine! Yes, that first quote by F.B. Meyer is one of my favorite quotes concerning faith. It really helps me to think about looking at my circumstances through God.

  5. As I sit here reading this post, I too agree what a fantastic idea this is. Every one of us write posts that basically get buried in our archives, almost never seeing the light of day again. Now, why didn't I think of that? I may try this as well from time to time. Thanks for the inspiration and have a happy July 4th!

  6. You're so right, Debbie, that we all write posts that tend to get buried in our archives. I hope that you do try this yourself because I, for one, would love to read archive posts from you.

    Happy 4th to you as well, Debby!


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