Sunday, June 11, 2017

Our Bangor adventure, part 2

Finally I'm finding a minute to blog a bit more concerning our Bangor adventure last month.  Our Friday evening involved time spent outside of the city ... in fact, very much in the country.

When we began making plans for our trip to Bangor, we decided to see if we could spend a few minutes with my cousin Chuck, with whom we reconnected at a family reunion last July.  (Chuck's grandmother and my grandfather were brother and sister ... Mabel and Joe.)  Chuck and his wife live only a few minutes from Bangor, and he works at Treworgy Orchards.  Back last July he gave us his card and said to look him up if we were ever in the Bangor area.  So, a week or so before our trip we emailed Chuck to see if a brief visit, maybe on our way home, would be a possibility.  Saturday would not work for him and Michaele, so we arranged to meet at the farm late Friday afternoon, and then to have supper with them at their home.

After leaving the Logger's Expo on Friday, we had an hour or so to relax at the hotel before leaving to meet Chuck at the farm in Levant.  It's unusual for us to spend more two consecutive nights in a hotel, but this time we did, so I had some time to relax in a quiet area of the lobby with an embroidery project.  I was surprised to note, on a nearby table, some brochures for Treworgy Orchards!  Sort of neat, since we were headed there shortly.

We arrived at the farm and were given a tour by Chuck, who took us around the property in a golf cart, accompanied by two of his young grandsons who were visiting from Deer Isle. 
This area is going to be this year's corn maze.  Chuck had just completed plowing it.
The pictures were taken with the Kindle, so not great.  But the clouds were quite interesting, I thought.
Chuck's shoulder and just a few of the apple trees in blossom.
We then drove to another part of the farm and saw property that is being developed into strawberry fields and other uses.  This pond was recently created as well.  One can see how beautiful this area is going to be!
After our tour, we went back to Chuck's home where Michaele had a lovely, healthy supper waiting -- a huge taco salad, fiddleheads, and homemade blueberry ice cream.  We had a wonderful visit with them and then headed back to our hotel.  There was a glorious sunset behind us as we traveled back to Bangor.  I caught a tiny glimpse of it in the rear view mirror, but the photo certainly does not do it justice.
Soon, maybe tomorrow, I will post about our Saturday morning in Bangor, which turned out to be very interesting -- one of those unplanned excursions which ends up being a delightful surprise!


  1. I love that you got to visit with your cousin. Family reunions are becoming a thing of the past so bravo to your family for keeping those ties intact. And that supper sounded delicious.

    1. We had not had a family reunion in years, Arlene! I forget how many years but I think it had been close to 20. So two of my cousins decided to make it happen last July. We won't have a big reunion like that every year, but are thinking every 5 years. In the meantime, we cousins (of which there are many!) are going to try and keep much closer touch, and so far that seems to be happening.

      Yes, it was a delicious supper! Great fellowship too!

  2. How fun to reconnect with a cousin who owns such an interesting business. I forwarded the information to my daughter-in-law because her sister lives in the area snd they are always looking for activities for the children and themselves.

    I read this with something of a pang because I know what was supposed to happen on Saturday. ☺️

    1. The orchard and farm do look like a fun destination for families, Vee. I hope that your daughter-in-law's sister and her family will visit ... or perhaps they are already familiar with Treworgy Orchards as it seems fairly well-known by people in the area. The lady at the museum we visited Saturday morning was very familiar with it.

      We hope to bring some of our grandkids up in the fall for the corn maze, ice cream, doughnuts, and so on! It's quite a trip, but I think it would be doable if we stayed overnight somewhere.

      I know ... it had seemed as if our plans were working out so well to meet up -- even to the fact that Chuck and his wife were not available on Saturday. But the Lord had other plans for you that day and I am beginning to realize that He was preparing me at that time for an unexpected death in my own family.

      We will try and work out a way to meet this summer, Vee! We can both work on ideas for what halfway point would be most suitable.

    2. I meant to add that Chuck is not an owner of the farm -- he just works there. It's owned by his wife's sister and her husband and family.

  3. That was good to reconnect with a cousin. The years we are busy raising our own kids often puts us out of touch with our family that we had so much fun growing up with. I lived in a very rural area growing up so my cousins were my playmates. We hardly see each other now.
    The farm is beautiful. My mother and my aunt are headed to Maine in about a week with a tour group. She is so excited.

    1. It was indeed good, Sandy. Up until the reunion last July, I had not seen Chuck at all for many years and had no idea what he and his wife were doing or even where they were. It was a blessing to reconnect.

      Oh, I hope that your mother and aunt have a wonderful time in Maine! Things are beautiful up here this time of year!


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