Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Another good zucchini recipe

Photo from Taste of Home
Just in case there's still a zucchini or two in someone's fridge, here's a recipe we tried a month or so ago:Zucchini Parmesan.  It is very good and so simple.  I liked that it used the diced canned tomatoes rather than fresh ones.

You will want to file this one away for use next summer when the zucchini is abundant.  I intend to; that's why I'm posting it here!  A friend's mother-in-law always said that the best way not to lose track of a recipe was to share it.  That way you could always go back to the person you shared it with and ask for it.  Sound advice, and I've seen it proved true more than once!


  1. I really enjoy zucchini/tomato dishes. Mr. D prefers milk and butter on summer/zucchini. I like it either way, but prefer tomato and Parmesan. While he was away this week I made a big batch of chicken curry which I like so much and he does not. I would have rather been at the conference, but since I could not I sewed and cooked stuff he doesn't like so much :)

  2. So glad you could make happy use of your alone time! I love chicken curry too.

    I'm so blessed in that Mr.T will eat just about anything I prepare. He's not at all picky. Well, he's not a fan of liver or of some tofu dishes -- but neither am I!


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