Monday, July 04, 2016

Happy Fourth of July!

I hope that all of my readers will enjoy a great day of celebrating the Glorious Fourth with family and/or friends!  We will be attending a 4th of July picnic later in the day, with fireworks to follow in the evening. 

For something a little different today, I am going to share the July 4 page from my summer devotional book for kids, This Land is Our Land.  This book has a patriotic theme and also allows kids to "visit" each state of the USA to learn a few interesting facts about each one.  So here's today's page:

 "Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage."  (Galatians 5:1)

It's the Fourth of July -- America's Independence Day!  On this day, we celebrate the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.  This important paper was signed on July 4, 1776, and it declared our country to be free and independent from being ruled by England. Because our independence was won by way of war with England, we celebrate with fireworks, which remind us of gunfire and "bombs bursting in air" as our national anthem says. 

We are thinking today about the state of Michigan, and it’s a great place to celebrate July 4th. One of the neatest places to celebrate is on Mackinac Island, where they have an Old Fashioned Fourth of July.  An old Revolutionary War fort is on this island. At the fort, there will be military demonstrations, gun salutes, and patriotic music all day long.  

At 10 a.m., every 4th of July, there is a stone-skipping tournament on Mackinac Island. This year is the 48th one. You can watch this interesting contest or even skip stones yourself. If you get hungry, there will be an All-American Picnic served on the Fort Mackinac parade ground. The food will be served by the Grand Hotel and will include barbecued ribs, grilled chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, salads, and desserts. At dusk, you will be able to watch spectacular fireworks over the Round Island Lighthouse. What a wonderful way to celebrate our country’s independence!

Our verse today is a good reminder that as Christians, we have been set free from sin. How were we set free? We were set free from sin by the death of Jesus on the cross. He paid the price for our sins, but it cost Him His life. Are we thankful and grateful to Jesus for dying so that we could be free? If we are, we will want to live in a way that pleases Him. We will not want to get tangled up with our old sins again.

* Thank Jesus for dying on the cross for you. Thank Him that he has made you free from sin.  Ask God to help you live in ways that please Him and are a good testimony to others.  Ask Him to help you not to get tangled up with your old sins. *

Hope you have enjoyed this somewhat different post.  Happy Independence Day!


  1. I did enjoy the post and I remember so well the scripture song that goes with this verse back in the days when that's how we learned our scriptures. I would like to visit Macinac Island someday. Seems like a quaint place that is quintessesntial Americana at its finest.

    1. Oh, Vee, I am glad you enjoyed it. And I remember that Scripture song too ... at least I suppose it is the same one. I also would love to visit Mackinac Island someday. We've crossed the bridge numerous times but have never had time to visit the island. Maybe someday ... so much of our travel in this stage of life has to revolve around visits out west. And at the moment we are not able even to do that. Someday!

  2. I enjoyed the post very much. Being a Michigan girl I found it very interesting about Mackinac Island! I'm blessed to read you're still doing the summer devotional for kids.

    1. I am so happy you enjoyed it, Patty! Yes, still doing the devotionals. This is a rewrite of an older book but still, a time commitment each spring.


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