Thursday, July 07, 2016

Quote of the week

Drops of dew edge these wild strawberry leaves like rhinestones!
Lately I've been trying to spend some time going through my Yahoo Inbox -- I have saved emails going back a couple of years.  I like to go through, read, pin, then delete ideas I've saved.  Slow work, and not something I get to every day, but it feels satisfying when I can accomplish a little bit.  Today I came upon these very true words from a blog post by Sarah Beals at Joy-Filled Days.

"When your weeks are the busiest, I’m telling you, it’s important to notice the little things of beauty all around you. God is such an amazing Creator and His beautiful creation is a feast for the eyes and a reminder of His watch care in the smallest details of life."

Wow!  Is that not so true?  I've noticed that so often in this busy season of eldercare, when my mind is overloaded and there's little energy or time to spare, God will draw my attention to something beautiful He has made: dew on leaves or cobwebs; a starry night sky; a deer or a bear crossing a quiet country road; delicate, spicy-scented ferns; wild roses -- oh, there are so many lovely things to see.  And every one is a reminder of the care and attention to detail on the part of our Creator God.  A powerful reminder that this same God, the God of the universe, cares for every detail of our lives. 

I want to note also that in my link to Sarah's blog above, I linked to this specific post: Friday Favs, where you will find some wonderful hospitality tips and some tried-and-true recipes.  Sarah is a busy mom, foster mom, and pastor's wife, as well as an artist and writer, and anything she posts is well worth the read. Her practical tips in this post are a great encouragement.

Hope this quote is a blessing to you today.  It surely was a blessing to me!


  1. So true...I took a drive out in the country today I got stuck behind a tractor. I tried to just view it as a time to look at all the crops in the fields and the pretty farm houses I seldom notice.

    1. Good perspective to have, Arlene! Your getting stuck behind a tractor reminded me of something that happened to my daughter in Nevada a few years back. On her way to visit friends on a dirt road, she got caught in the middle of a cattle drive!

  2. Yes. It is true that beauty soothes. When we are too busy, distracted or frazzled, we miss some of the healing balm that God uses to reduce the tension. We need the gentle reminders that you have given here.

    1. Thank you for your insightful words, Vee. I need to be far more aware of and open to that healing balm. Things have eased up some but I am still under a great deal of stress. I need to sort out what must be done and what I can let go for awhile. But I want to have my eyes open for God's provision of beauty and healing along the way.


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