Friday, October 18, 2019

Friday five for October 18

Somehow it is Friday again!  Time for another edition of Friday five!  Here goes:

1.  A wonderful time with my husband last weekend at The Wilds of New England couples' retreat.  We were so blessed by the teaching from Morris Gleiser -- and the ladies also enjoyed a session with his wife, Lynn.  For us the retreat always seems like a series of mini-dates -- ice cream, a hayride, a campfire, coffee -- just so refreshing.  Not to mention great food and fellowship.  We so enjoy catching up with couples we haven't seen in awhile.  This time it was Syd and Cyndy, friends we first met forty years ago!

2.  A wonderful day in church on Sunday.  It was a special treat to have our dear young friends Sam and Jennifer visiting for the services, and they were able to join us for lunch and some late-afternoon Bible study.

3.  Time to help my cousin begin a clearing-out project at her childhood home.  It's rough when your parents and siblings have all died and this project falls to you (as I know from personal experience), so I was happy to spend a little time helping her get started.  Thankful for safety as I traveled north as well.
One of my finds at my own childhood home!
4.   A lovely phone chat with my Nevada daughter on Tuesday.  We had lots to catch up on!

5.  A rainy nor'easter meant a day off from work for my hubby yesterday.  So thankful that he had this day and was able to accomplish some things he's been hoping to do around the homestead to get ready for winter.
Antique card from my personal collection
And that does it for this week.  Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


  1. All lovely things happening in your life. The fall colors are so beautiful. Glad your husband had some time to get things done in the house.

    1. I don't mean to give the impression that there are no hard things in my life, because there are. But I do try to see the really lovely things as they happen.

      Yes, he was able to get a lot done -- things he's been wanting to find time for, for quite a while now. He was pleased with what got accomplished!

  2. So glad you had a week full of blessings Mrs T. We are at Tybee Island this weekend and expecting a sub tropical storm tomorrow on the day of Mina's special birthday party. They had planned to have it outside but now it will be inside. Praying it does not keep her friends from attending.

    1. Oh, I hope that all of Mina's friends will be able to attend her special birthday party!

      I need to look at Nanaland and catch up with your own Friday five. I ran out of time to go there yesterday!

  3. Unexpected days off are often wonderful blessings. Glad Mr. T was able to put the time to excellent use. I am trying to pace myself and still get the before winter jobs done. Today it was putting away the garden hose and ordering oil.

    I do love that cross made of a birch tree. It is a beautiful focal point.

    Your vintage toy truck filled with pumpkins is darling...

    1. Good for you with pacing yourself and getting some pre-winter tasks done. We still have more to do, but are super thankful for what has been done so far.

      Yes, that cross is beautiful, isn't it? It looks especially striking against the fall foliage.

      That little truck came from my childhood home. I haven't put it out yet this year, but need to do that. At Christmas I tie a bottle brush tree into it.

  4. It sounds like a beautiful week, in all regards. I love that picture of the birch tree cross on the hill. And thank you for posting a picture of that postcard. In reading the scripture I'm realizing I need to share that with a hurting friend. Thank for another lovely post, Mrs. T!

    1. It was a good week. Lots of rain and wind midweek, which wreaked a bit of havoc with our foliage, but a good week nonetheless.

      That cross is indeed beautiful. And so meaningful.

      Feel free to snag the scan of that postcard if you can use it for anything. I'm glad I posted it just when you needed to share it with a friend! God's timing!

  5. Your week sounded lovely in deed.
    I love the cross!
    We had a couple who married in our church and they made a cross out of Aspen trees as their wedding was outdoors.
    Such a darling little truck with those pumpkins:)

    So nice to visit with you this evening ♡

  6. Loved your Friday Fives, chats with children/grands who live far away always brighten my day.
    I know your friend was very appreciative for your help, and great fellowship too! I am in the process of working with my sister on her clearing of her home, she decided to move and leave most of het things behind, to which she gave me some beautiful treasures.
    Mini dates are so special, I treasure each one dh and I have.
    Thank you for sharing.

  7. Beautiful post! I appreciate so much the autumn leaf pictures my New England friends are posting right now!

    I need to buy some tiny pumpkins for the antique car we have sitting on a shelf. Yours with the little truck -- so cute!!

  8. Loved reading about your retreat and seeing the pictures above. You have posted pictures from The New Hampshire Troubadour a couple of times. Is that a little tiny booklet with poems and pictures, etc.? I used to have a stack of those from the 40's and 50's also. I am not sure now what I did with them when we moved recently. I may have given them to a friend from NH.,but now I can't remember! Still have a few boxes to unpack, so they may show up again. I loved them. I am enjoying reading about your life in NH. We loved it there when we lived there, but couldn't take the winters now, and we are native Floridians, so it was challenging for us when we lived there...but I did love it so. Thank you for making it come alive again for me!


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