Friday, April 24, 2020

Friday five

I'm hoping to get this finished while it's still Friday, anyway.  Let me look over the "Best of My Days" from the past week. 

But before I do, did you notice (as I just did) that the April 1953 calendar above is the exact same setup as April 2020?  It started on a Wednesday, ends on a Thursday, all the dates are the same days of the week as this year.  Kind of fun.

Okay, on to blessings from the week:

1.  Seeing these daffodils blooming again in a field out back of the old home place.  They started life many years ago as several pots of daffodils purchased at Easter time.  My mother tossed them "over the bank" when they were done blooming -- and you see the glorious result.  I believe the photo below was taken with my Kindle last year, so it's not the best, but you get the idea.  There are several large clumps of daffodils out there.  Their bright yellow never fails to lift my spirits!

2.  Much more blogging time this week.  So thankful for a few minutes here and there to put some posts together.  Some have asked about a link to my Etsy shop.   I've never taken time to put one here on the blog, except in the occasional post.  But now there's a link to A New Hampshire Attic in the sidebar!

3.  And while on the subject of my shop, I'm thankful for time to scan and list a few more items this week!  The sweet note card below is one of them.  People who know me in real life will be amused, as I have no affinity for cats.  Lots of kitten items in my Etsy shop, however!

4.  I'm so thankful for folks who are using their gifts and talents to edify fellow believers at this time.  I've been particularly blessed by video devotionals from Reba Bowman at Dare for More.  I've heard Reba speak in person several times and it is such a blessing.  For an example, go here: Meditation: The Key to Communication.  If you enjoy this one, you can access any of Reba's other videos from there.  She does a live video every Tuesday and Thursday.

5.  Thankful in this time for funds to buy groceries -- and a spouse who does the shopping.  It's true the stores don't have everything we'd like to buy (think yeast and unbleached flour), but most things are available and that's fantastic!

And there you have this week's Friday five!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone -- and stay tuned for tomorrow's post, where I'm sharing a few ideas for keeping Sundays special even in the midst of this "pandemic".


  1. I guess all the baking people are doing has caused the flour shortage. I haven't been able to get my usual flour either. I have some and am using it sparingly until Hubby can get it for me. He too has done all the shopping. I hope you stop by my blog today to see the other button used. It was perfect and made my day to use both buttons.
    We don't see many daffodils here along the coast. We had them at home in Brewton which is an hour and a half north of the coast. I think it just doesn't get cold enough for them to return each spring. They are a happy flower indeed.

    1. Yes, I think that a lot of people are baking these days. My friend buys all of her flour from King Arthur and it isn't even available online at this point. My daughter did find flour on Amazon, I think, but she bakes all her own bread and got 50 pounds of it! She is also experimenting with sourdough and it's starting (no pun intended) to work out fairly well after a few fails. Yeast is pretty much impossible to find, so I'm going to see if Carrie will give me some of her sourdough starter. I have yeast, but it isn't going to hold out forever.

      So so happy that you could use both sunflower buttons. I enjoy sharing my stash with others!

  2. Those daffodils are very cheery. I like them much better than the ditch lilies I've been tossing over the banking for years. I didn't know that cats aren't your thing. Good to know. 😊 I think it's great for you to have a link in your sidebar to your Etsy shop.

    1. It's always fun to see those daffodils come back and even multiply year after year!

      Nope, just not a cat person.

      And indeed, I am glad I finally got around to putting a link to my shop in the sidebar. Somehow I kept thinking it was going to be more difficult than it actually is!

  3. So when I was 3 years old our days were exactly the same order as they are this year! That's pretty cool. When I was 3, today was Friday the 24th of April! I don't remember what I did on that day, but I'm sure it was special. Every day is special when you are three! Love the daffodils that grew from the pots thrown over the hill by your mother years ago. That is so cool. My dad used to throw old pots or cuttings from flowers out in the woods beside the house, and beautiful mums and flowers would grow out there in the wild without any help from man. God wanted to beautiful the woods. Love it. We don't have daffodils growing in Florida. Even if we throw out the pots of them, they won't grow. I've tried. No luck! Oh well, I love seeing them on your pictures. I am glad I bought some yeast before this happened and it is kept in my fridge, along with my bread flour in the freezer. I need to bake some bread now that you made me think of it. That would smell so good on this rainy day. Great idea. Thank you! Have a blessed day my friend way up north from you friend way down south.

  4. Just back from Grimmwood and reading and commenting. One thing I hate about being over there is not being able to comment on my blog friends posts. I just heard that Ron Hamilton has dementia. A friend shared a post from his wife, Shelley. I was so sad to hear that. We love Patch. I have been watching an old friend/teacher of my kids at CCS, Stephen Bender at Eyemouth Baptist Church in Eyemouth Scotland. One of the blessings of this time is all the online spiritual resources. So encouraging. I was thinking the other day that the check in my spirit about traveling this summer was a real check and not just my imagination. Hoping next year we can get to Maine and NH.


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