Friday, June 12, 2020

A few blessings from this week

Graphic by Abby at Little Birdie Blessings
Here are a few blessings from my week:

1.  Being able to be back worshiping with our church family this past Sunday was a huge blessing.  Yes, things looked and felt different, but we are worshiping and serving the same changeless God!

2.  Another major project accomplished for my dad's trust.  One more big task (and a bunch of smaller ones) to go!

3.  Getting a lot of painting and cleaning done at the cottage; getting some furniture moved there.  Lots still to do, but it's looking good and smelling a lot less musty.
4.  Being able to hear our young friend Sam preach a message at his church on Sunday afternoon.  Such a joy to see our spiritual children walk in truth!
Another by Abby
5.  Seeing plans come together for some upcoming time with family.  Details to follow, but here's a hint ...

And those are some blessings from the week just past.   I hope that your week has held many blessings as well!


  1. It is always good to count those blessings. It keeps the spirit in the right place. We are heading back to worship at our church the week after the 4th. It is a larger church so we are doing a staggered approach, but I am very ready. We just can't live like this forever. I will get back to teaching my girls the first week of August. Looking forward to hearing about the trip.

  2. Great blessings! I wonderful that you have family time coming up to look forward to! Enjoy

  3. Well that'll be exciting! That is a great family photo of your daughter and her family.

    Oh, yes, how good for you to all be together again. So many churches are still unable to open here, but as I've noted, my county is locked down tight. A lot of fear running rampant.

    Yay for getting so much accomplished. I know what a lot of work it is.

  4. Although our Island has been declared virus-free (thanks be to God) we are still unable to meet in groups of more than 50, and even that must be socially distanced.
    I am glad that we can worship God anywhere and don't need an official service to do so. This Sunday we will begin meeting in small home groups of less than 12 and I am looking forward to being with other believers for encouragement and sharing.
    I'm glad you'll be able to spend some time with family. It's so special. We've been able to meet with family over the past couple of weeks and I have reveled in all being together.

  5. Wonderful blessings indeed! So happy you can meet with your church again. We will start back on July 5th. It will be very different, but we will be together and that is what we are all needing. I know you will enjoy being with family. I hope it all comes together as planned. The cottage is looking good. Still wondering what the plans are for it. Will it be a vacation rental? Glad things are all coming together. Have a blessed weekend.

  6. Happy weekend, dear Mrs T! Oh, how wonderful it is to atoo and count our blessings and praise the Lord for what He is doing in and through us.
    So glad that you could worship as a church again! I miss being able to freely fellowship with others!
    Well done on all the cottage renovations...sounds like it has been a fun project!
    Blessings to you!

  7. Yes you had many blessings! My church is still not open for Sunday service. Getting your renovations done on the cottage must make you feel good. It’s always good to have something to look forward to with plans with loved ones.
    Happy weekend!

  8. Many blessings indeed, Looks like a great plan is in the making for family making memories.
    Isn't it a great feeling when we are able to get tasks completed.
    It is even greater to worship with other believers.
    Thank you for sharing.


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