Saturday, July 11, 2020

A bit of book talk this July

Just a little more book talk.  The last time I posted about books was May, I think.  Even though I have only completed a couple books since then, the time seems right to share what I've been reading lately.

In my last post, one book I failed to mention was the devotional book that went along with the 40-Day Sugar Fast.  My daughter had told me that she enjoyed it very much, so I knew it would be good, but I had expected something more basic.  But no -- each day's devotional reading included not only Scripture and a spiritual challenge, but some real "meat" to chew on throughout the day. 

I would definitely read and study this devotional book again the next time we do the 40-day sugar fast and I'm sure I will learn something new from it.  My point in including it here is to remind myself that indeed, I did read and study and complete one book out of my goal of six.  I'd been sort of beating myself up for not completing any.

In the same category -- books to read and study and learn through -- I've been working my way through The Fringe Hours, by Jessica Turner. 

Trying to ponder and answer the questions as I go along.  I got some good solid reading and work done in this book while we were on vacation.  An hour or so while in Nevada and then a couple more hours on the plane coming home.  I know that I desperately need to make time for myself, and yet there are so many other important tasks to do and only so many hours in a day.  I've just reached the point in the book where one keeps a time log of one's activities for a week.  I downloaded the free time log and am a couple days in.  I won't proceed with the book, probably, until I've completed the log.  More to come on that.

Meanwhile, in pleasure reading, I've completed just two books, one in June and one in July.  The first is Improving Your Serve, by Charles Swindoll. 

I've previously read a few of Swindoll's books and enjoyed and learned from them.  This one has to do with unselfish living and I'd always wanted to read it, so purchased a copy from Thriftbooks.  It was good, and edifying, but I didn't find it as riveting as other books I'd read by Swindoll.  (Possibly this had to do with the fact that I was reading it just before falling asleep.)  I did keep it, however, as it will be a good reference for Sunday School lessons and Bible studies.

Then just the other night I completed A Boy's War, by David Michell.

 I guess I really ought to do a review of this one some time (and hopefully I will find time to do that), because it is an excellent read that many people may not have heard of.  I found my copy at my parents' home, but have just done a search on Thriftbooks and they do have one copy: A Boy's War.  This is the fascinating true story of children living in a Japanese concentration camp in northern China during World War ll.  David Michell was one of these children.  This is the same camp where Olympic gold medalist Eric Liddell was interned, and so the story contains fascinating glimpses of his life as well.

  From the back of the book, I'll just share this quote because I couldn't say it better:  "What might have been simply a tale of an agonizing separation of a schoolboy from his parents -- a separation that spanned six years and included war, danger, malnutrition, and tragedy -- is a story that lights up with adventure, ingenuity, heroism and hope.  The unquenchability of the human spirit under extreme pressure and the influence of godly faith and sacrificial example in hard circumstances shine through."

This was a good book to be reading right now.  It was an encouragement and a blessing even though I was reading about a very difficult time in history and in people's lives.  I'll be passing it on to my daughter to read to her kids, most likely.

And that's my simple book talk for early July!


  1. Right now I am reading The Red House Mystery by A A Milne. I never knew he wrote any books besides Winnie the Pooh.

  2. These look and sound like wonderful reads to me, I am familiar with Charles Swindoll writings and enjoy listening to his radio program each day!
    I too set a goal to read more this year, but due to circumstances that has been put on hold! It has been one of my busiest summers!, I have missed one of my favorite things and that has been blogging.
    Thank you for visiting and for your sweet comment, I always enjoy reading your posts too!

  3. I'm glad that you included the blurb from the final book; otherwise, I'd avoid it like the plague. Some stories are just too haunting. I am reading the fluffiest, lightest reading (aside from Bible reading which has me in Ezekiel) because keeping up with all that's going on these days is a challenge.

  4. Well, I just (somewhat impetuously) ordered two books off Amazon based on your reviews. :) A Boys War and The 40 Day Sugar Fast. No goal on when I'll dig into them, but something told me I needed to own these books. ;^) Maybe it was the good prices I found!

  5. Thanks for sharing your reading! I'm always looking for new books, and I'm fairly picky about what I'll read. I added A Boy's War to my Amazon wish list.
    Laughter and Consistency


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