Friday, November 13, 2020

Making space -- week 2


I'm joining in with Becki, over at Field Lilies,  with her decluttering effort called Making Space.  Why not join in, and maybe write a post a week about how the endeavor is going?  I've been working at this, and here's my Week 2 report:

 November 9 — a piece of cardboard (the back of a stationery tablet). along with a matching sized piece of carbon paper.  Stashed in my stationery cupboard, it was obviously something I’d used in crafting or writing something or other, quite a few years ago.  No idea what the project was anymore.
November 11 — 6 mugs being rehomed to our little camp.  We found a great Black Friday deal on a Keurig for the camp, but we’ve realized that not every mug is a practical size for it.  I winnowed out my mugs yet again and chose some of the larger ones to take to the camp.
    I also went through my dishtowel/dishcloth/potholder drawer and threw away 1 potholder.  4 potholders are going to the camp, where the only two I have there are rather thin but have sentimental value.  I am also taking 4 dish towels to camp.
November 12 — a glass tumbler with log cabin scene going to the camp.
A paperback book, a heavy glass stein, and a slate wall hanging with a teddy bear motif headed for the thrift store.
I cleaned out my utensil drawer and threw away the following: 2 old containers of dental floss which I kept there for splitting cake layers (haven’t done that in years!); an old metal pastry blender and donut cutter; a tupperware gadget for buttering corn; assorted plastic ware and plastic cooking gadgets like pasta measurers, etc.  A metal gadget which seems to have been a spout topper for a tea kettle.  I don’t even remember what it is or why it was stashed there.
November 13 — to the trash: 1 rusty melon ball cutter.
Headed for the camp: 2 ladles, one large and one small, 2 pie servers, 2 paring knives, 2 large knives, 1 bottle/can opener; 2 sets metal measuring spoons; 1 apple corer/slicer.

I've been trying to work at the 2020 Holiday Planning Challenge with  A Virtuous Woman which started Monday, November 2.  Maybe some of you would be interested also.

  I'll do more of a report on this over on my Christmas blog, where I'm trying to keep up with it but am off to a very slow start.  All that to say, it's the reason I've been tackling my kitchen drawers at this time.  This has definitely been helpful to my participation in Becki's Making Space feature!


  1. Well, you make me want to do some cleaning. I did just clean out our refrigerator because we got a new one! I had to reorganize everything in it because the new one is a side by side and things fit differently. But I am liking it and very thankful that it works so well. The other one was dying a slow, painful death. I am beginning my Thanksgiving planning now that I know who all is going to come and what they each want to bring. That helps me know what I have to do besides the turkey and other basic essentials. Christmas shopping, etc., is something I would rather not have to do. I am not a good shopper nor am I crafty, so it is always stressful for me. I keep trying to talk people into not exchanging gifts and just enjoy being together, but no one seems to take the hint. LOL. Thank you for sharing your lists. I enjoyed reading what you were getting rid of and taking to the cottage, etc. So much fun!!

  2. Well done and how handy to have the camp to take things since it needs it and your home doesn't.

  3. I have been trying to work on the same thing Mrs T. I do have the luxury of taking some things to Grimmwood but I have donated a good many pieces to our local thrift store whose profits go to missions. That way it is a win win!!

  4. Your cast-offs (or cast-aways-to-camp) sound really interesting, Mrs. T. :)


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