Thursday, February 18, 2021

Quote for the day

 Do you have bits and pieces of ideas, quotes, and thoughts scribbled on scraps of paper like I do?  I'm pretty sure I can't be the only one, right?

Sorting through some of those paper scraps this morning, I found a few notes I had scribbled down concerning my word for 2020, diligence.  This quote from Sally Clarkson needs to be shared before I toss that particular scrap:

"Daily life is where diligence is trained and learned.  As our children watch our faithfulness and experience our love, they develop a heart to be diligent.  Giving them work to complete develops moral strength.  Helping children persevere in difficult relationships teaches them to be faithful in adult relationships." ~ Sally Clarkson

Lots to chew on here.  We need to be diligent in our relationship with God and our relationships with others as well as in those all-important tasks of daily life.  Even though diligence was my word for last year, it's something I'm still working on daily.  Glad I didn't throw that scrap of paper away before I read it!


  1. I appreciate this quote...yes, diligence is something that needs to be modeled and taught to the younger generation today. So many young people think things should just be given to them or be easy to do without having to work hard for it. I am concerned for their future as they often cannot handle difficult tasks or disappointments when things don't go their way. Too many are given trophies even when they didn't win...that is not teaching them diligence. Thank you for this...something to think about for sure.

  2. Sally always has good things to say. Thanks for sharing this quote!

  3. I'm glad you came across that quote again that you wrote on a piece of paper once upon a time. And no, you are not the only one. ;^) Thank you for sharing it, Mrs T.


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