Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Making space ... week 10


Yes, it's another Making Space post.  A few more things have left the house in the past week or so and I'm working on yet another box for the thrift store.

February 5 — cleaning out a drawer where I keep candles

To the trash —

A bag of 8 smallish candles — the type used in Swedish angel chimes.  These had once been red, but have faded to pink.
A partially burned set of wavy dark red tapers.  Pretty, but unlikely to be used again.
A handmade white Christmas tree candle made by me, many decades ago.  Once white, it’s now stained and discolored.  I’ll never burn it, so out it goes.
A used up candle in a tin
A used up jar candle

To the thrift store — 

A pretty resin candleholder with a flower garden theme  -- I love this, but hate dusting it so it's been stored.  Someone else might as well be enjoying it.
A set of hanging candles with a gingerbread man theme
A floating candle in the shape of a mitten
2 small figural Christmas candles — one a drummer boy and one a toy soldier
3 jar candle toppers — so pretty, but a pain to dust, and I rarely buy large jar candles anyway.

🌿   🌿   🌿   🌿   🌿   🌿   🌿   🌿   🌿   🌿    🌿   🌿  

And from a few other areas here and there

Also to the thrift store —

 * A blue plaid thermos -- I hated to let this go.  It's the wide-mouth type and is probably from the 1970s, so not that old.  But my daughter didn't want it and my hubby didn't think he'd use it, so out it went.  I hope someone witll be overjoyed to find it.
* A large blue glass vase

Also to the trash:
A Folger’s coffee canister saved for storage
Two plastic-covered metal shelf dividers I’d used in craft storage

And that's it for now!


  1. Good for you!! You are doing what I need to do so badly. I have many used candles...but I don't get rid of them until they are too small to burn any further. We have had power outages during hurricanes where we really needed candles in diverse places around the we hang on to them "just in case". I don't do scented candles anymore...just too strong, so I probably should get rid of some of them that have been given to me. Hmmm, I do need to do some serious spring cleaning. Okay...thank you for the inspiration...I'll let you know when I really get around to doing!! I need help! :) God bless you dear friend. I wish I could sit and visit with you over a cup of tea someday! Have a blessed day/week.

  2. I see several "oh me's" here...candles for one, and containers saved for who knows what. It was a good week for decluttering except I didn't want to make the trek to the garage. I've been nowhere, done nothing, for a week!

  3. Well done.
    Since I've been reading about decluttering I have been inspired to do better myself.


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