Thursday, May 30, 2024

National Creativity Day


Apparently it is today, May 30.  Who knew?  I am just going to share a few thoughts --  mostly a repost of something I wrote back in 2010.  Creativity has always been very important to me and I find that I really need to do something creative each day, even if it's only finding a creative solution to an everyday problem.  I think all of us are designed to reflect our Creator God in this way, even if we aren't fully living that out. 

Many years ago I happened upon some unique Thomas Kinkade calendars at the dollar store. They were unusual because each month emphasized living our lives in light of a particular quality. One that stood out to me was "Living in the Light of Creativity." 

 I was thinking about this concept one afternoon as I worked in my simple scrapbook journal. I had cut out the little picture of this particular calendar page from the back of the calendar, and was preparing to paste it into my journal. I mused for a few minutes on what it means to live one's life in the light of creativity.

The artist, Thomas Kinkade, had written his thoughts on this calendar page. He wrote, "When I create, God lights a fresh candle of joy for the world." I thought, That's undoubtedly true of Thomas Kinkade. Even though he has passed on now, each of his paintings has, or may yet, "light a candle of joy" for countless people all over the world.

But what about me? What does it look like when I live my life in the light of creativity?

When I personally create, I know it "lights a candle of joy" for me. I seem to need creativity in my life to feel truly complete. As I mentioned earlier, a little creativity each day -- be it in the craft room, at the computer, or in the kitchen -- seems necessary for me.

And now I'm thinking that just maybe, those on the receiving end of the creativity -- readers of a poem, blog post,  or devotional thought; loved ones enjoying a magnificent dessert, a homey meal, a cozy room, some homemade fudge,  or a hand-crafted gift -- will have a "candle of joy" lit for them as well. Because when all is said and done, creativity is not just a God-given gift for our own enjoyment; it's a reflection of His own creativity, and it's meant to be shared.

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