Saturday, May 11, 2024

Happy Mother's Day!


How can it possibly be that the second Sunday in May is tomorrow? 

Since Mother's Day is tomorrow, but my Sunday post will be a Scripture one, I'm popping in for a moment today to wish all of the moms among my readers a very happy and blessed day!  I hope that you get to spend time worshiping in your local church and that you also get to enjoy other pleasant times -- perhaps celebrating with some of your children if that is possible.  

I'm just sharing a few simple thoughts from previous Mother's Day posts, but I hope they will be a blessing to someone.

Being a mother is a privilege but such a challenge as well.  I surely made many mistakes along the way, but am thankful for God's guidance and oversight over my mothering efforts.  I'm blessed to have not only children and grandchildren, but several "children of the heart" as well -- one of whom I see often and talk with every week.  I'm thankful for the privilege of being involved in all of their lives.

For those who are hurting today ... and I know Mother's Day can be difficult for many reasons ... please know that God sees and understands, and wants to comfort and bless you today.

As I've mentioned in past Mother's Day posts,  I really think that we need to celebrate all ladies on this special day, because even though some may not have borne children of their own, we all have had opportunities to nurture others in one way or another.   In fact, God's plan is that older women will teach the younger ones many important things and will nurture them in the faith.  I frequently remind the ladies in my Sunday School class that each of us is older spiritually or physically than someone else.  Teen girls can be an example to younger ones, for example.  My own daughters were so blessed as little girls to have teen girls to look up to -- and those teens set a very good example indeed.  History repeated itself, and as teenagers themselves, my girls found themselves being looked up to by littler girls.

So wherever this finds you today -- if you are a mom, a grandmother, or a nurturer -- a most blessed Mother's Day to you!


  1. Thank you for this wonderful post. You are right, we are all "mothers" in some way. Even though I never had a physical child, I have several spiritual children. I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow.

    1. Spiritual children are such a blessing, aren't they, Kathy? I did have a wonderful day and I hope that you did, also.

  2. And a Blessed Mother's Day to you, too, Mrs. T.

    1. I hope that you had a fabulous Mother's Day, Becki!


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