Monday, February 23, 2009

Menu Plan Monday for February 23

A cold windy morning here in northern New England. We got about 9 or 10 inches of new snow between Sunday afternoon and overnight. We can count on snow up here for some time to come yet. In fact, the prediction for the entire afternoon is snow showers. Here's my menu plan:

MONDAY: Leftover Italian Sausage & Vegetables, Focaccia Bread

TUESDAY: Oven Fish Chowder, Baking Powder Biscuits

WEDNESDAY: Potato Soup, Cheddar Cheese Bread

THURSDAY: Slow & Easy BBQ Chicken, Potato Salad, Asparagus MIxed Vegetables

FRIDAY: Broccoli or Spinach Quiche, Asparagus Mixed Vegetables, Orange Slices OR Hot Spiced Grapefruit

SATURDAY: Hot Dogs, Homemade Baked Beans, Macaroni Salad

SUNDAY: (potluck at church) Pepper Jack Chicken, Spanish Rice, Coleslaw, Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake

If you would like to see menus which others have shared, head over to I'm an Organizing Junkie and check out the links. Often, well over 300 people share links to their weekly menus. You'll find some great ideas and often recipes too.


  1. Wow, you are organized! I got into bad habits years ago of planning my dinner time menu about an hour before it's due to be served!

    Speaking of which, I think I need to trot downstairs to the freezer and see what I've got ....

    Thanks for visiting. I'd love to see pictures of your worn kitchen table... I love the idea of your being able to see the scratches left by long-ago writing. My dad gave my sister and me old school desks, years ago, maple ones.

    They had some interesting knicks and marks, too, but also ... ancient gum stuck underneath!

    Now that kind of authenticity I can do without. Best... Cass

  2. Hi Cass,

    Thanks so much for stopping by again! Menu planning... I have been doing this for over 35 years. It's a habit I still find helpful in making life less stressful.

    My worn kitchen table has been replaced by another old table given us by friends who were downsizing. I don't think I have any photos that would show the writing, sadly. But it was amazing all the different things that showed up if you looked at the table top in just the right light.

    Our church's pews are old ones "recycled" from another church building... and yes, there was ancient gum stuck under those too!

    Do stop in and visit again. It's good to have you here.

    God bless,

  3. I try every week to plan out a menu, but my hubby is gone all week and home on weekends, he's in the army. I usually fall back on the standards that I know my kids will like but always plan ahead for the weekend!! Thanks for sharing your list, looks yummy!!!

  4. Hi there, Walking on Sunshine!

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing a comment! You are on the right track with attempting to plan a weekly menu and with planning for the weekends when hubby is home. Were I walking in your shoes, I too would most likely stick with planning meals my kids would prefer during the week. All of our circumstances differ, after all. I think the most important thing is just to take some time to think and plan for meals, and not have to resort to takeout, etc. It sounds to me like you are doing just fine!

    Have a wonderful day -- and stop in and visit at my kitchen table any time!

    God bless,


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