Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Homemade Life, April 11

Here are just a very few things for A Homemade Life. I have been spending most of my spare time (what time would that be, I wonder?) working on the kids' summer devotional book that I write every year. I accomplished just a few simple crafts in the past week, to use as gifts.

I had had this pretty fabric on hand for years. When I originally bought it, I thought I would like to make it into pillows. But as I looked at it again, I thought that I wanted to leave all of the design elements intact and not cut it up. So I made it into a very simple spring/summer tablecloth.

Here are the different panels closer up. Here's one:

And a second:

The saying on this one is a bit hard to read -- it says, "June brings tulips, lilies, roses... fills the children's hands with posies."

And here's the fourth panel:

Another thing I did was to make some spring hot pads. These blue sunflower ones sort of coordinate with the tablecloth.

I made 2 other hot pads, too, but the photos came out too dark. One is a "Chinese take-out" type print, really cute and unusual, and the other a Mary Engelbreit print.

I also crocheted a cupcake pincushion. I neglected to get a picture of it, but if you want to check out the project, here's the link: crocheted cupcake pincushion

I've been thinking, too, that I should post my easy, easy coleslaw recipe which I make almost every week to go with our beans and hot dogs on Saturday night. It makes a good easy salad to take to a potluck, too. I was sure I had posted that in the past, and sure enough, here it is: Easy Homemade Coleslaw. You will have to scroll down to near the end of the post to find this recipe.

I'm sure I've probably done more homemade stuff that I've forgotten all about. If you would like to see other homemade ideas, be sure and check out Life on a Back Road. You will find lots of inspiration there!


  1. Enjoyed catching up now that I am back on the internet. Thanks for the recipes. I will be trying several of them!

  2. Thanks, Arlene!! I am so happy to see you back. I have missed you!

    God bless,


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