Monday, October 19, 2009

One confused cactus

Last week I was doing a bit of dusting and decluttering on my sewing desk, which is located in a dormer window. A small flowering cactus resides on that window sill, and I was reminded that it had been some time since I'd watered it. And, while doing so, I noticed it was budding. (I've always called this a Christmas cactus, since we were given it at Christmas in a decorative planter a number of years ago. It has, however, bloomed for both Thanksgiving and New Year's, so who knows what it actually is.) This takes the cake, however -- it is blooming in mid-October!

This shot shows another bud at the top left of the plant.

Our colorful leaves outside are falling fast. So it's fun to see a jolt of color indoors. I love little unexpected surprises like this!


  1. Very pretty!! My mom had a Christmas Cactus but it never bloomed at Christmas. Seems like it was always around Thanksgiving. Have a great week Mrs T.

  2. Well, I can't blame the plant for getting a little confused... think I am also... this has been such a strange year all way through.

    Was a nice surprise for ya anyway. God just wanted to cheer up your day so He used that little plant ;)

    Hope you're feelin' better!

    God Bless,
    Mrs. D

  3. Hi ladies,

    Yes, it was a nice surprise to see the cactus blooming. There are three more buds that look as if they may amount to something. Guess these things must thrive on neglect. I hadn't watered it in weeks.

    Thanks for stopping by to visit!

    God bless,


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