Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A quiet prayer corner

Of course as believers we can talk to God anywhere, at any time. But it's also important to have a quiet place where we can spend time in prayer at the start of each new day. My "prayer place" varies. In warm weather I love to have my quiet time on our screened front porch, with birds singing all around. Sometimes I will pray in a comfy living room chair. But now, as the cool weather comes on and it's still dark outside when I have my prayer time, I like this cozy corner in our bedroom.

There's a chair, a little lamp, a small quilt for warmth and a little table with a coaster for my mug of tea.

What about you? If you don't have a quiet corner for your prayer time, look around your house for such a space. You will find it such a blessing!


  1. It is a wonderful thing to have a special place to meet with God in prayer. I know my Mom would kneel at the foot of her bed and spend sometimes an hour in prayer. I spend an hour too, but not at the foot of the bed. I pray during my daily commute. The Lord took out my radio and so I sing songs and talk to Him... I'm sure the people in other cars think I must be crazy, not that I care. It's designated time every day and there's and hour in the morning and an hour in the evening, (not too "orthodox", but it works for me).
    We have the Bible on CD and sometime I want to get a CD player in the car so I can listen to them too.
    Right now I thank the Lord for no radio, news is depressing, God is uplifting. Added bonus, it's warm :)

    Mrs. D

  2. Mrs. D,

    Thanks for sharing! I have prayed in the car too (with my eyes open, of course) at times when I have had to drive somewhere alone in the early morning. It is a good effective use of your commuting time.

    It was neat hearing about your mom's prayer time too. Thanks for sharing that.

    Have a wonderful day!

    God bless,

  3. I pray throughout the day. But I give thanks specifically morning and night from my bed.

    I'll have to look around the house for s special place to worship.


  4. I have a corner of my bedroom that I use for a prayer closet. But I do try to pray through out the day as the need arises. Thanks for posting your prayer corner...it is such an encouragement to know that Christian wives and moms are praying all over the US.

  5. Thanks for visiting and for leaving your thoughtful comments, ladies! I do pray throughout the day too, of course, as needs arise and as God brings people to my mind. But this time at the beginning of the day is so precious.

    Leann, great idea to "hem your day" in gratitude and thankfulness to God. I like that saying, "A day hemmed in prayer is less likely to unravel."

    Stop by and visit anytime!

    God bless,

  6. Very nice prayer corner!


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