Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fun with counted cross stitch

For Christmas, my oldest granddaughter (8 at the time) received a counted cross stitch kit. This was a brand new craft for her. She started the project, but got sidetracked quickly and didn't continue. Now she has!

Here is the finished project. The kit even included the hoop-type frame.

Here's the proud stitcher, pleased to have completed a challenging project!


  1. I hope one of my granddaughters will enjoy cross stitch!! It is still my favorite craft.

  2. Mine too, Arlene! Although embroidery, sewing and crochet are favorites of mine, too.

  3. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Thanks for showing my cross-stitch Grammy!

  4. You're welcome, SarahBee! Now you will always have a place to see the project even though you gave it away!


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