Monday, September 05, 2011

Berry Patch Brownie Pizza

(Photo by Taste of Home)
This week I needed to come up with a dessert for a church potluck and happened also to find a great price on fresh strawberries.  There was a strawberry yogurt bundt cake recipe I wanted to try, but because of  our hot humid weather I didn't want to have the oven on for the length of time it would take to bake that.  I had made a fruit-topped brownie pizza sometime in the past and decided this time to try Berry Patch Brownie Pizza .  I would use strawberries only, no other fruit. 

In preparing the recipe, it seemed to me that the fruit needed some sort of glaze to hold it in place.  So I melted strawberry jelly and drizzled it over the quartered strawberries.  It's funny how an idea that sounds so good and workable can backfire on us sometimes.  That happened in this case.  Though I was very careful to stay away from the edge of the brownie crust with the glaze, somehow it must have worked its way under the crust anyway.  When I cut the dessert at the potluck, I found that areas of the brownie crust had become damp and mushy.  No matter; it looked great (on top), tasted wonderful, and got rave reviews.  But if I make this again I will not make the mistake of adding a glaze.


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  2. Barbie12:00 PM

    I have a similar potluck recipe that always yields an empty bowl to take home:
    1 9x13 pan brownies (homemade or box)
    3 cups sliced strawberries
    1 12 oz tub of whipped topping.

    Crumble 1/2 the brownies into the bottom of a large serving bowl. Top with 1 cup of strawberries then 1/2 of the whipped topping. Repeat with the remaining ingredients. Yummmmm!

  3. Tami ~ Thank you sooo much for this giveaway. I am thrilled because I almost never win anything in giveaways.

    Barbie ~ Thanks for sharing this recipe! It sounds fantastic and I will definitely be trying it. Your recipe sounds easier than mine, and pretty much foolproof.

    Please stop in and visit at my kitchen table anytime!

    God bless,


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