Friday, September 30, 2011

Sharing a few links...

New Hampshire Troubadour September 1950
Good morning!  Today I thought I would share just a few links that have been inspiring to me lately. 

First up, a post from Carrie concerning the recent Ladies Retreat 2011 at The Wilds of New England.  I went to this retreat and loved it, but have not yet written the longer post that I want to.  Carrie has written a great account of our time there and has some nice photos too.  I promise I will still post about this, but in the meantime you will enjoy reading Carrie's thoughts, I know.

Next, a few posts from syds1girl at Daily Musings from the Hill.  This real-life friend of mine has a lovely blog and a wonderful talent for relating devotional thoughts to everyday life and the beauty of nature.  Check out these recent posts; you will be encouraged, challenged, and inspired!

Teach us to Number our Days
A Sweet Savor
Songs in Late Summer

Susan, at By Grace, is another writer who inspires me.  This post, Come, concerning the blessings of fellowship with our Lord, will likely inspire you too.

Mrs. Smith, at Sweet Tea and Simplicity, is new to blogging, but she is a wonderful photographer and an inspiring writer as well.  This excellent post, Frames That Count, challenges me to be sure I am spending my time wisely as God would have me to.

I loved this wonderful post that artist Susan Branch wrote about her dad:  The House that Jack Built.  If you are blessed to still have a dad in your life (or even if he has passed on) this post is likely to make you cry, but will surely encourage you to appreciate his influence in your life.

My friend Patty, at Beside Still Waters, has written a great post that reminds us all how important it is to Encourage others. 

And last of all, if you enjoy beautiful photography, fall decorating, and also want to be encouraged to have a thankful heart, you'll want to read Thankful Be, an inspiring post written by Aunt Ruthie over at Sugar Pie Farmhouse.

Hope you all enjoy these links as much as I did!


  1. I read your daughter's post about the Wilds. I did not realize that there was a WILDS up that way. I am familiar with the one in NC. In fact, the Christian School that my children attended required all Seniors to spend a week at the Wilds before graduating. All of my kids enjoyed their week there. We also have a friend who works at the Cool Beans in NC in the summertime. Small world!!

  2. Arlene,

    It is indeed a very small world! That is so neat that you are so familiar with The Wilds in NC. Yes, they have been working on having one in New England for a number of years now. They had bought property but for many reasons that didn't work out so they ended up selling it and bought this one which has much better potential. This is the second year they have been able to have camps and retreats at TWNE. It still is a work in progress, but as you can see from Carrie's photos, it is a fabulous facility and we are so blessed to have it only an hour and a half from us.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I just stopped by to see your links and read some of them (really enjoyed your daughter's post!), when I came across a link to one of my own posts! Thank you so much for including it. I'm pleased that you were blessed by it!

  4. Hi Susan!

    So nice to see you here again! I'm glad you enjoyed the links, especially Carrie's account of the retreat. It was a truly wonderful time.

    I was indeed blessed by your post and wanted to share it. What a fun surprise for you to come upon it as you browsed my links!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Hi there, Mrs. T. I enjoy reading your blog so much, stopped by to visit and found a wonderful surprise! :) Thank you with all my heart for linking to my blog!

  6. Oh, Mrs. Smith, you are most welcome! As I said to Susan, above, I was very blessed by your post and just wanted others to be able to see it too. It's so neat that both of you came upon the links in the same way and were surprised by them!


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