Saturday, February 15, 2014

A yummy chocolate dip for fruit

Photo by Taste of Home
With yesterday being Valentine's Day, I wanted to plan a special supper for my hubby and also needed to keep it kid-friendly since two of our granddaughters were here.  I decided to make lasagna, focaccia bread, and salad.  Our supermarket had some decent-looking strawberries on sale, so I picked up a box with the idea of serving them with a chocolate dip for a Valentine dessert.

I'd never made a chocolate dip before, though I have made other dips for fruit -- and once, a chocolate chip cheese ball to serve with chocolate graham crackers.  So I did a quick search.  Taste of Home recipes never let me down, and this is the one I found: Yummy Chocolate Dip.  It only uses three ingredients, all of which I had on hand: chocolate chips, whipped topping, and vanilla.  It also calls for cinnamon, but I left that out because I didn't think it would be all that great with strawberries.  Apples, maybe.

So my 10-year-old granddaughter and I made up the dip and we had it for dessert with the strawberries.  It was indeed yummy!  The only thing I would advise is NOT making it ahead and refrigerating it, which we did.  It made it too firm and we had to sort of spread it on the berries.  It was still delicious, just not really a dip consistency.  I would advise making it at most a half hour before serving.  We thought it would also be great with bananas, pineapple, apples, and maybe even oranges or clementines.  We had some dip left over, so we'll probably find out!

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