Thursday, February 20, 2014

A fantastic salad recipe!

Photo by Lemon Tree Dwelling
Recently I happened across a salad recipe that looked so interesting -- and the picture looked so beautiful -- that I simply had to try it.  The salad -- called Loaded Sweet Potato Tot Salad -- contained so many of my favorite ingredients -- sweet potatoes, dried cranberries, and avocados. 

I decided to make the salad for our weekly potluck lunch at church.  I wanted to make this as a side salad, so I left out the chicken.   I also left out the green onions because I didn't have any, and I simplified the dressing  a bit by just adding a mashed avocado to half a bottle of purchased ranch dressing.  Other than that, I doubled the recipe.  It made a large bowl full and every bit was eaten at the potluck.

For greens, I used a combination of baby spinach and Fresh Express Sweet & Crunchy blend, which is a mixture of red and green baby leaf lettuce and is just delicious.  One of my favorites.  For the sweet potato tots, I used Alexia Sweet Potato Puffs.  This was my first try at using sweet potato tots -- in fact, I had never heard of them before trying this recipe -- but it won't be the last.

In fact, they are on my shopping list again this week.  I'm making this salad again for this Sunday's potluck!  It was that delicious.  Thanks to Lemon Tree Dwelling for this fabulous recipe.  Your family and friends might enjoy it, too.


  1. That looks AMAZING!!! I will definitely try it sometime when my grocery budget is a little bigger. :) I had never heard of sweet potato tots--do you think they are hopefully somewhat healthier than regular tater tots?

  2. I think they are... check out the link, as it probably gives nutritional info. They are a more natural brand, anyway. I had a $1 coupon. Hope you enjoy this if you try it ... I think one could maybe sub cubes of roasted sweet potato for the tots.

  3. This does look amazing! I do know that sweet potatoes have more fiber than white potatoes, thus making them glycemically lower, which just means the carbs in them don't metabolize into sugar as quickly as white potatoes. I just this week discovered sweet potato tots at a restaurant, so I haven't looked at their nutritional info, but seems like they would be better than traditional white tots. Thanks for the recipe, Mrs. T!

  4. This sounds delightful. In fact, I'm eating an avocado as I read this. ~ Abby

  5. The salad is indeed both amazing and delightful! I'm making it again for tomorrow's lunch at church.

    Susan -- good to know that about the sweet potato being glycemically lower. I would have guessed it to be the other way around, since sweet potatoes are naturally sweeter.

    And Abby -- I LOVE avocados! One of my favorite foods. I've been buying them all winter in the bag of 3 from Hannaford. They're a little bit less expensive that way. So good for you, too!

    Hope you ladies enjoy this recipe if you try it!


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