Friday, June 20, 2014

Artichoke Rice Salad

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as the background.
A few weeks ago, I tried a new salad recipe for our potluck lunch at church.  It turned out to be delicious and a nice change from more ordinary salads.  Here's the link: Artichoke Rice Salad.  (Taste of Home does not have a photo for this recipe, which is why I made my own graphic.)

The only thing I changed was to use one of the Uncle Ben's Ready Rice packages in the chicken flavor, as I did not want to use the rice-vermicelli mix (I avoid wheat products), and then I used 4 cups of cooked regular rice rather than the 3 cups called for in the recipe.  I thought that the Ready Rice might not make as much rice as the rice-vermicelli mix, so that's why I used extra rice.  It turned out just fine.  I was also unsure as to how the curry powder and the marinade from the artichokes would work together flavor-wise, but again it turned out great.

Perhaps you would like to add a new salad to your summer repertoire!

(Edited to add: I discovered that the link to the recipe didn't work.  Amazing what a difference a little quotation mark makes!  It should work now.  Sorry about that!)

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