Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lovely leaves

The New Hampshire Troubadour, September 1950
No, of course it's not really foliage season up here yet.  We did see some colored leaves in the White Mountains last weekend, but only here and there in swampy areas.  The real foliage season is a month or so away. 

However, there are some lovely leaves here and there, and I found a couple of really different ones recently.

Here is a pretty poplar leaf I found at the beach on Tuesday.  I love the variety of colors!

See all the colors?  Brown, yellow, orange, red, green  -- all in one leaf!  If you look closely near the outer top edge, you can even see some bluish-lavender spots!
And I found this oak leaf yesterday, at the end of my own driveway.  It's so unusual ... almost looks handcrafted.  Which, in a sense, it is!
Isn't this unusual?  I love the faded, transparent-looking red and then the colored leaf tips -- some dark red and then the one bronzy greenish-brown. 
More, and prettier leaves, are sure to follow, but for now these harbingers of the season will whet my appetite for fall.


  1. The trees here are beginning to turn a bit. We had a cool summer so maybe that accounts for it. Looking forward to fall!

  2. Me too, Arlene! Fall is my very favorite season and I try to enjoy every moment of it. But I don't look forward to the snow, cold and ice that will follow!


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