Saturday, November 08, 2014

A delicious autumn supper ~ chicken stew and pumpkin biscuits

Photo from Taste of Home
This week I tried a couple of new-ish recipes and thought I would share, since they both came out well and we enjoyed them.

I am doing much more crockpot cooking these days as I try to get a lot of crafting done for Christmas gifts and try to keep my head above water with housework, caregiving, and all the rest.  For a few minutes' work filling the slow cooker, one can have a nice meal cooking all by itself.  If making a stew or soup, a loaf of bread baking in the bread machine at the same time gives you a complete meal!  This week I made a slow cooker meal for my dad, with plenty for our house as well.

Here's the recipe I tried: Chicken Stew.  The recipe calls for potato gnocchi but suggests one could also use rice.  I cooked some rice and added about a cup or a little more of the cooked rice to the finished stew.  I don't think I have ever cooked with parsnips before, but this recipe called for them and my dad loves them, so I did use parsnips in the stew.  Also, I didn't want to fiddle with bone-in chicken thighs (skinning them, then later deboning) so I used a couple of boneless chicken breasts.  (One large one would have been enough.  I ended up making the second, nicely cooked one into chicken salad.)  This stew turned out to be delicious and I will definitely make the recipe again.

To go with the stew, I made these: Pumpkin Patch Biscuits.

Photo by Taste of Home
Yes, they are made with a generous amount of real pumpkin!  I doubled the recipe because it said the yield was 6 biscuits.  With the double batch, I ended up with 16 biscuits!  But that was no problem because they were really, really good.  I only tasted part of one because they are not gluten free, but I think I will have to figure out a way to make them so.  These biscuits are not super sweet, nor do they taste like pumpkin pie (there is no spice in the recipe).  They are just slightly sweet, very moist and went very well with the  chicken stew.

Hope you enjoy these recipes if you try them!

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