Sunday, November 02, 2014

A Thanksgiving poem to set our hearts toward praise

I think I found this vintage image here: Vintage Holiday
In looking through some back issues of Country Woman magazine, I found a lovely poem by Elisabeth Weaver Winstead in the 1992 November/December issue.  I hope it inspires others as it did me!

Giving Thanks
When the frost has spread a silver shawl,
And the leaves have turned to gold;
When the fields of fruitful harvest
Are a glory to behold --

When dear friends and kinfolk gather 
For the feasting and the fun,
And the cheer of home and hearth fire
Fills the hearts of everyone --

Then it's time to count our blessings
For the wondrous gifts we share
Reflected in each joyous heart
With grateful praise and prayer.
~ Elisabeth Weaver Winstead
   Nashville, Tennessee

Isn't that lovely?  Our own Thanksgiving celebrations often include both dear friends and kinfolk -- and we find them even more meaningful because of that!


  1. Lovely poem! Can't believe that it's already November.

  2. Isn't it such a nice poem!? I found it and wrote/scheduled this post some months ago. Some poems are just too lovely not to be shared.

    I can't believe it's already November either. Just not ready for winter! (Not to mention Christmas!) Do the winters get pretty cold where you are?

  3. Hi Mrs. T! I enjoyed reading this poem - it brought me a warmth and happiness that I get with this time of year. There are so many blessings to be thankful for and this is a sweet reminder. Hope you are having a cozy afternoon!

  4. Hi Mrs. Smith,

    I am glad you enjoyed the poem! It spoke to me when I read it and I thought I would share. I can't post pictures as my camera has some issues, but I recently put up a little sign, "A Time to Give Thanks." It has been such a blessing to see that hanging from a kitchen cupboard doorknob. A great reminder that we are to give thanks for everything ... even the hard times are times in which we can give God thanks.

    My afternoon is fairly cozy; it is spitting rain outside and is only around 40ยบ, but I am warm and cozy inside. However, I may have to go out at a moment's notice if I get a call from Carrie or Jim. She has had a couple fairly reliable signs that the birth may happen soon. Not a lot of contractions yet, though...


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