Sunday, November 30, 2014

December Daily starting Monday!

Vintage card from my collection -- the inspiration for my Christmas kitchen
Yes, I'm attempting it again!  Last year, I decided to try posting daily during December, both here and in my Christmas blog.  I didn't manage it every single day in both blogs, but that was okay.  I tried, and had fun in the process.  This year my life has become even busier, but I still hope to blog daily if at all possible.  So, starting Monday, I'll try and share something in each blog.  It may be Pinterest boards (I have a lot more I want to share with you from those), goals, baking lists, gift ideas, recipes, thoughts, Bible study, our activities ... anything I might share with friends at my kitchen table.  So stay tuned for December Daily!


  1. Looking forward to your posts Mrs T!!

  2. I'll be glad to see your daily posts in December. I love this month!!

  3. Me too, Tori! Fall is my favorite season, but Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday.

    I 'll look forward to seeing you both here at my kitchen table tomorrow, Tori and Arlene!

    I hope you'll visit my Christmas kitchen too! (There's a link in the sidebar.) I've already posted quite a bit in November concerning some of my Christmas-related Pinterest boards, but there is more to come.


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