Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A lovely fall poem ~ Autumn's Appeal

The lovely graphic is from Baptist Bible Hour.
I came upon this lovely poem in an old issue of Country Woman magazine.  Even though the brilliant beauty of fall is past (at least up here), I thought I would share it with you all.

Autumn's Appeal

Swirling leaves of gold and crimson
Drifting on a chilly wind
Slowly settle in the meadow,
Heralding the summer's end.

Sunlight fades a little faster
With the passing of each day,
Crops wait ready to be gathered -- 
Nature's bounty on display.

Evening's song grows ever softer
As birds start their southern flight,
While the first fire in the fireplace
Warms a cold and frosty night.

Autumn days bring sweet contentment,
Time to slow life's hectic pace;
Time to linger in the beauty 
Of fall's majesty and grace.

Ruth Fiori Poynor
Boise, Idaho

Isn't that so evocative of fall?  Even though the pace of my life is still hectic, I can feel it slowing just a bit as the seasons change.  Hope all of you enjoyed reading this poem today.


  1. Lovely poem...another blog friend posted pictures of an old Ideals magazine that she had found at the thrift store. It made me miss that sweet magazine.

  2. How nice, Arlene! I will have to see if I can check that post out. Did you know that you can still get Ideals magazine -- the Christmas editions, anyway? I have found them at Christianbook.com.

  3. Love that poem! When we were on deputation we were in a mission house in Independence. Kansas and all I remember is that there was absolutely nothing for my 3 little kiddos (1,2 and 6) to do but there were about 1000 County Woman and Reminisce magazines and we had the best 4 days looking through those and talking about history and childhood. Anyhow, thanks for the sweet poem!

  4. What a neat memory, Tori! Those magazines are great and I remember my kids loving to pore over the issues of Reminisce that my parents had. My dad still gets the magazine as a gift from a relative, so I still see an issue occasionally.

    Glad you enjoyed the poem! I love to share things like that when I find them.


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