Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Mystery flower

Yesterday I was hanging clothes from our balcony and saw a flash of brilliant blue, I thought, far below me on a leaf-covered slope.  Many times things are deceiving from up there and I have been tricked by sunlight and shadows into seeing colors that really aren't there.  So later in the day when I had a few minutes, I went out to investigate, taking the camera along.

There were actually two plants that I saw.  This small one is the second:

Later, I had my hubby take a couple more pictures.  His photography skills are much more advanced than mine, but neither of us is used to the new camera yet.  It's one we had bought on a Black Friday deal just because it was a really excellent price.  We had barely used it.  But last fall, our other camera died suddenly and we had to start using this one.

The pictures don't do the color of the flowers justice.  It is much deeper and brighter than forget-me-nots.  I have no idea what this plant is.  I do know it's not anything that I ever planted.  Could it be a wildflower?  It seems more as if it's from a bulb, but we have no close neighbors that a bulb could have migrated here from.

What do you think?  Can you identify my mystery flowers?


  1. I am curious too Mrs T. I have never seen one like that before.

  2. Wow, Arlene, I was hoping you might know! Well, we will both learn something new if a reader identifies it. I would like to get out and move some of the leaves on that slope to see if there are more of the plants underneath.

    It's a mystery, all right. But such a beautiful color -- a real blessing from God.

  3. Anonymous12:25 AM

    I enjoy reading your blog although I'm not sure I ever commented before.
    I wanted to mention, I think the name of your mystery flower is Siberian Squill. It is a beautiful little spring flower of Prussian blue. I believe there are white types as well. I'm no expert in my knowledge of them, but thought I'd share what I could.

    Susan (niece of Judy)

  4. Susan, thank you!!! Thanks so much for stopping by my kitchen table and sharing your knowledge with us. I looked it up, and you are absolutely accurate in your identification of my mystery flower.

    I had been somewhat concerned that they were a delicate little flower and that I might not see them again another year. After all, they appeared out of nowhere! But in reading up on them, I find that they are not only hardy but spread readily. In fact, some consider them invasive. I'm not worried about that here. If they do spread in the area where they are, it would actually be a blessing.

    Thanks again, so much! Please stop in again ... I'm so happy you enjoy reading here! And give your aunt a hug from me, next time you see her.

    God bless,
    Mrs. T


  6. Well, that sounds a lot nicer than some of the other sites I looked at. "Hopeful little blue flower" describes it perfectly!

  7. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Such a pretty little flower. Love when God sends gifts like that. Especially cause we think of Him!!

  8. Siberian squill, eh? Well, you learn something new every day. It's a pretty little thing and I imagine God smiles to think you took time to notice the gift.


  9. So nice to have you ladies here again!

    Yes, it is pretty. The true blue color is so amazing! I had never heard of this before although I have heard of scilla -- and I guess that's technically what it is.

    Nikki -- keep having fun with that new baby. Laura Jane is adorable!

    Vee -- yes, we do learn something new every day. My dad always used to say, "It's a poor day when you don't learn something." This was a neat thing to learn about. Thanks for stopping in!


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