Monday, May 25, 2015

A lovely spring poem

A painted trillium from our woods
 Earlier this month, I shared the pretty cover from the May 1950 New Hampshire Troubadour.  Today I thought I would share the poem from the back cover.  It is a short poem titled "Voyager Returned" and the poet is Barbara Terry Grimes.

Voyager Returned

The stillness of Spring Twilight in New Hampshire
awakes emotion deep within my heart.
Though other Springs in other lands held beauty,
still here I have my roots and knew my start.

The stillness of Spring Twilight in New Hampshire
awakes remembrance known and loved before.
My travels never could too firmly hold me; 
This is my home, my own familiar shore.
 ~ Barbara Terry Grimes

I thought this was such a lovely poem, though realistically, twilight in spring here is not particularly still.  One may hear the whining of mosquitoes and black flies along with the peeping and croaking of frogs.  However, the poem and the thought behind it are both beautiful!

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