Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Just busy

This gorgeous graphic is by Abby at Little Birdie Blessings
One day another lady asked me, "What do you do with yourself all day?".  She knows that I don't have a job outside the home, and it seems most people assume those in that situation are bored and have trouble filling up the hours.  (Excuse me while I laugh uncontrollably.)

Lately I just haven't found the time I would like to, to post in either of my blogs.  In a perfect world I would be here every day, sharing something to hopefully encourage or at least entertain those who read here. But real life looks quite different, at least the season I am in right now.  So I figured I would take a few minutes and just share some of what I'm doing.  I will not put these in any particular order because -- you guessed it! -- I don't have time.   They're not even going to be categorized.
I make things for handmade gifts.  One of these pillow fight shields is on my list for a June birthday.
I do laundry.
 I hang the laundry  outside when I can.  Thankfully the snow is now gone!
I cook.  We eat homemade meals (or homemade leftovers) pretty much all of the time.  Some days, I am cooking for two households.
I clean.  And I like to make my own cleaning products like this Tub & Shower Magic.

I decorate.  I like to decorate my hutch for the seasons.

I bake.  This photo is from Taste of Home and shows a typical dessert I might bring to a church potluck.  We don't eat dessert at home on a regular basis.

I like to journal what I'm learning from Scripture.

I do grocery shopping for two households.  That includes making two grocery lists.

I read and study the Bible.  This graphic is from Little Birdie Blessings also.

I plan.  This weekly calendar page helps me stay on track.  Right now I am planning also for a visit from our daughter and her hubby and five children, coming up in June.

I take an hour or two each morning to spend time with God in His Word and in prayer.

Right now I am also baking for an event coming up this weekend.
I write.  These are a couple of the kids' devotional books I have written.

I make gifts for grandkids.  Felt food is a favorite.
Felt marshmallows and roasting sticks
I crochet.  I keep a small project like a dishcloth handy for car rides, waiting anywhere, or long phone conversations.

I love to observe what God is doing in creation.  These bloodroot were some of the first wildflowers to appear this spring.
I sew.  All kinds of sewing.  This lovely image is from The Graphics Fairy.

A recent sewing project became necessary when someone outgrew his superhero cape.

This trash bag for the car has been on my list for months.  Finally got it done.
I memorize Scripture.  I try to memorize a verse or two a week.
I look after an old person.
I submit recipes and crafts for publication.
I  work on unfinished projects like this "Snow Angels" cross stitch.
I add to my prayer journal regularly,  and use it every day.
I like to embroider when I can find time.
I spend a good bit of time studying for my Sunday School class.
  Well, that is a peek into my life at this season.  What about you?  What do you do with yourself all day?


  1. I totally agree Mrs T...some days there are not enough hours to do all the things I need to do and want to do!!

  2. So true, Arlene! I try and do at least one creative thing every day. I just seem to need that. But some days that creative thing takes the form of making a meal out of what I have on hand, or figuring out a creative solution to a problem. The things I want to do often get pushed aside in favor of the need-to-dos -- and some days those don't get done either. But I continue to aim at something!


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