Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Snapshots from Saturday

This photo captures the essence of summer in New Hampshire
We are thoroughly enjoying our time with our daughter, son-in-law and five children, who are here visiting us from Nevada.  It has been nearly three years since they were out here last, so it's been great for all of us to have them here in New England again.  Several of the local cousins have been with us for much of the time, too.

To our shame, Mr. T and I have taken very few pictures so far.  This is not to say photos are not being taken.  Both of our daughters and their husbands enjoy photography and have nice cameras, so plenty of pictures are being taken by them.

On Saturday, we took a short hike which leads to a lake.  This is one of the loveliest little lakes in our area, and we are so thankful for this public access area to enjoy it.  The hike is on a nearly level path; there's just enough of a challenge from roots and rocks to help little kids feel they are really hiking.  And then at the end, this lovely small swimming area.  Boats will often come in and anchor outside the swimming area, and that was the case on Saturday, but it was still a nice time.  Later, we moved on to a second beach area and had a wonderful time there as well.  The kids had come prepared to wade, but had not brought any swimming stuff.  My hubby and I had been here before but had not remembered how nice the beach area was.  However, lack of swim gear did not hold the kids back from getting thoroughly wet!
Our littlest granddaughter, Arielle, tests the lake water
Cousins enjoying the lake
These flowers were growing near the water
Hope you have enjoyed these few snapshots from our Saturday!


  1. It was, Arlene! One of the boys asked, "Can we do this again tomorrow?" We couldn't, as the next day was Sunday and we had church along with other plans, but we will do this hike again if time allows.

  2. That is so nice that you all are having such a good time together.

  3. Thanks, Nikki! It is a bit like being on vacation ourselves. Mr. T is taking a few days off here and there so we can do some day trips (and one overnight). I hope to post more pics as time allows.


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