Monday, January 11, 2016

Winter decorating ideas

My kitchen island with a winter baking theme in 2011
As I was debating what to share with Sandi's No Place Like Home today, I decided some winter decorating ideas might be in order.  I will just show a few ideas and add some captions.  Hard to fathom, but I have not put too much of my winter decor out yet.  Just in the process of taking down Christmas and changing a few things over.  I still need light, glitter and sparkle to get me through winter.
A little snowman grouping
Hutch shelf with a "snow" theme
This fun lamp is from the Christmas Tree Shop
Dollar store snowmen
Winter hutch in 2011
Glittery house and tree in a small cake dome
Winter hutch in 2009 -- love the bottom shelf on this one.  That's a Currier & Ives lighted house at the left.
Wintry garland over picture window

Baking theme on the island another year.
Winter hutch in 2010
Hope you have enjoyed these simple ideas!  As mentioned, I am linking up today with No Place Like Home at Rose Chintz Cottage.


  1. I am putting out a few Valentine Decorations this week, Mrs T. You are right, we need some bling to get us through the dark winter days. I did go out and walk this afternoon. The sunshine is pretty but it is COLD.

  2. I love your snowmen! How perfect for January and you really can't look at them without smiling!!

  3. All charming and pretty. I like the blue church on the 2011 hutch. Darling!

  4. I love light and sparkle for the winter months too. Love the Currier and Ives house and the pretty transferware. The glittery house under the cloche is cute too and snowmen are always a welcome sight. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful new week.


  5. I love snowmen and keep them out during the winter. You've given me some ideas. I may unpack some of my glittery houses!

  6. What fun things you shared today. It inspired me to get out all my snowmen. We haven't had snow here yet though some is scheduled tonight. So I haven't really though about them... but now I shall.

  7. You've shared some fun ideas for decorating in the winter! Have a blessed and wonderful day :)

  8. What a nice group around my kitchen table!!! It is so nice to have you all here on this cold, dreary day with 3 to 5 inches of snow in the forecast for tonight.

    Arlene -- I can't think about Valentine's yet ... my Christmas trees are still up, though most of the smaller decor is down. I didn't put up as much this year, and sort of liked it. Simpler but still festive and it's fun to change things up from year to year. I got out for a very short walk this afternoon too. Cold, but it felt good to get out and move even though I had to pick my way over the icy driveway.

    Linda -- so true! It's hard to look at a snowman without smiling back!

    Vee -- I like that church too. It was an after-Christmas buy at Marshalls one year. It has fiberoptic lighting, a fact I didn't discover until I was showing it to one of my granddaughters at home. She spotted a little switch on the bottom. I like it unlit, myself. It's missing a steeple, I think -- there's an empty space on top of the little tower part. But I still love it. Haven't brought it out yet this year.

    Sandi -- yes, that Currier & Ives house is so sweet. Very simple and plain -- there aren't as many windows as in some of the fancier lighted houses. But I still like it. Transferware -- yes, those are my "family heirloom" dishes. For this year's winter hutch I used mostly those dishes on the bottom shelf. You have a wonderful week too!

    Beth! Glad you could be inspired to get out your snowmen. We have snow scheduled for tonight too. We've been so spoiled up to now with very little snow.

    Spicing -- I'm happy you enjoyed the ideas. A blessed and wonderful day to you as well!

  9. Snap -- Good to see you here again! For whatever reason your comments tend to get lost on my comment moderation page, but I eventually find them. They don't come through by email from Blogger as they should. Who knows? I'm just glad you are here and that you enjoyed the wintry ideas. Yes -- go ahead and get those glittery houses out! They are not just Christmasy, but wintry, so enjoy their sparkle awhile longer!

  10. Perfect prescription for post Christmas decor separation blues! I think I may have to search up some snow decor ideas that I can make. I love your hutch all done up, would be good to have a vignette of some sort to display seasonal goodness.

  11. Hi there Mrs. Smith! Yes, I love having a hutch to display seasonal goodness on. If you go to my Christmas blog and do a search for "The story of my Christmas hutch" you will learn how I acquired this. If you check Pinterest you can probably find some great winter and snow ideas. I have a Winter board on Pinterest, and I think I've pinned some decor inspiration, so you could start by checking that board out!

  12. Checking out these paths!

  13. Wonderful!!! Have fun!!


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