Friday, January 29, 2016

A bit more winter decorating ...

This year's winter hutch
I haven't done a lot of winter decorating this year, but thought I would share just a few more things.  Busy day ahead and lots to try and schedule into the day, so I will just do some quick photos and captions.  Enjoy!
Winter ribbon board in the front hallway
A tag I made a few years back
Upper shelf on the hutch.  My friend J. made the "snow" card; my daughter sent me the sparkly "Winter Wishes" one.  Love that lamp with its snowballs and the hanging snowflakes.
My glittery houses, a snowy cross-stitch, and a few simple figurines
Family heirloom ironstone; my silver baby cup; sparkly red snowflakes
And the hutch in its entirety.  The mugs on the top shelf were handmade Christmas presents from a granddaughter.
Hope this simple post has been fun to read (even though there are precious few actual words in it)!


  1. I love seeing your winter decorations, Mrs. T. Everything looks so warm and cozy and having the village up through the winter is a splendid idea! It has me thinking...your idea may ease the pain of putting away all of our Christmas decorations since we are always sad to see them go.

    I hope you and Mr. T are having a good start to 2016! It's hard to believe we are almost at the end of Jan. already! With love and hugs!

    1. Mrs. Smith! I saw your name on the comment and thought you were the other Mrs. Smith who visits here. Now I see the picture and know it is you -- the Sweet Tea & Simplicity Mrs Smith!

      Yes, I just have to decorate with light, warmth and sparkle to get me through winter. That said, we are having a very mild one up here. So far!

      Yes, a good start to the year, but so busy. He works most of every winter Saturday, so that makes things even more time-crunched for the poor guy. Love and hugs to you too, my friend!

  2. Your hutch lends itself perfectly to seasonal decor. Your heirloom ironstone is wonderful.

    1. Doesn't it, Vee? I acquired this hutch a few years ago from a friend who was downsizing. This hutch had been specially made for her here in NH, and the price she and her hubby were asking was very reasonable -- so, my dream of having a hutch was realized.

      That family ironstone -- yes, I am blessed to have inherited it. Only wish I had space to display it all. Alas,much of it is still in a cardboard carton!

  3. Hi Mrs. T,
    Love all of your winter decorating and what a great idea that ribbon board is - so pretty!
    Your ironstone is beautiful!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs, Kimberley

    1. I am glad you enjoyed the post, Kimberley! I always find inspiration at Seaside Ave. as well!

      My ribbon board is so simple, but it does work well to hold seasonal paper treasures. You have a wonderful weekend too!

  4. The hutch looks very pretty and I love the ironstone pieces!! Thanks for sharing!!


    1. You are welcome, Deb! Glad you enjoyed your visit. Stop by anytime!

  5. Ha, Mrs.T, I too was a bit confused for a second, lol. I too love your hutch, it is a perfect place for seasonal vignettes. Going to keep my eye out for one. Possibly a corner unit. Your ironstone is so unique. I hope you use it occasionally!

    1. It could be confusing, couldn't it? Yes, I love my hutch for seasonal decorating and am always reminded, when I change out the items, of the way God provided that hutch for me. Hope you can find one!

      I do use the ironstone occasionally -- had greenery in a pitcher from the set over Christmas, and often use the squarish platter for sliced turkey or ham at holidays. It was actually a somewhat common pattern, I guess. You can read more about those dishes in a post I wrote here: You will have to copy and paste the link, but it should take you to the post when you do.


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