Monday, August 15, 2016

More island flowers

While on Cabbage Island for the clambake a couple of weeks ago, I noticed the glorious flowers near where we exited the boat.  I wanted to get a few pictures.

However, we were in a hurry to locate a picnic table, so I told myself I would get photos before we boarded the boat for the return trip.  As it happened, we were some of the last people to board the boat and so were hurrying that time too.  I mentioned to my friend Lynne that I had wanted to get pictures of those flowers because I thought they were such a lovely welcome to the island.

Well, Lynne had the opportunity to return to Cabbage Island last Thursday, so she promised to get pictures for me.  True to her word, she did!  The photo at top, with the artfully arranged buoys nearby, is one that she took.

And here are two more.
Love the glorious combination of colors.  And the ocean is right there!
Another look at the same plantings.
Hope you have enjoyed this postscript to our coastal getaway!


  1. My flowers are finally perking up! Sprinklers are good but rain is best!!

    1. We need rain badly, Arlene! Glad your flowers could perk up!

  2. Thanks to Lynne! Very pretty welcome to Cabbage Island. (Cabbage Island? That is not a charming name.)

    1. I know, Vee. There is a little island next to it (which I believe one can walk to at low tide) called Brussels Sprout.

      But these flowers do make a charming welcome to any island, don't they?


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