Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Coastal getaway, part 1

If I tried to share all the photos from our recent overnight getaway, it would make for a very long post indeed.  So I am planning three posts detailing Thursday's daytime activities, our late afternoon and evening doings, and then breakfast and the trip back on Friday.

Good friends of ours have been celebrating their wedding anniversaries in Boothbay Harbor, ME, for over thirty years.  They like to stay at a bed and breakfast when possible, and always take the boat trip to Cabbage Island for the famous clambake. You can read more about that here: Cabbage Island Clambakes.  This year, as once before,  we joined them and had a wonderful time away.

We left our house around 6:30 a.m.  Of course no road trip is complete for us without these:
so we made a stop on the way and got a dozen to share.

When we arrived at Boothbay Harbor, our first stop was at a thrift shop my friend Lynne loves to visit.   Creature Comforts Thrift Store is operated to benefit the local humane society and is a wonderful place to shop.  I found a great pair of LL Bean pants for only $2!  Lynne found some great deals as well.

Next we proceeded to the Harbour Towne Inn where we would be staying.

We parked the car, got the luggage unloaded and freshened up a bit before heading out to  Pier 6 to board the Bennie Alice for the trip out to Cabbage Island.

The boat was full and we were not able to get upstairs, so the pictures Mr. T got were all taken through the windows of the boat and so not the best quality.  Still, they have a sort of soft, dreamy look that I really like.

 After an hour or so of touring Boothbay Harbor, we headed for Linekin Bay and arrived at Cabbage Island!  It is really like arriving home and being greeted by members of the family.

We could see the clambake steaming as we approached the island.

There are picnic tables all over and people seat themselves.

The clambake in progress
A closer look
Many occupied picnic tables
Waitstaff take drink orders and, in a short time, the fish chowder arrives. Soon the clambake is ready and people get in line to pick up their trays loaded with lobsters, clams, baked potato, corn on the cob, egg, and onion.  Mr. T and I had barely tasted lobster (other than in a lobster roll) prior to our 2014 visit here, but we sure enjoy it in this context, fresh as fresh can be and perfectly cooked.
The foil packet in the bowl contains delicious steamed clams!  The foil at left holds a baked potato.
Excuse the empty iced tea cups (and the tip jar) in this picture.  Refills were soon brought.
As folks finish with the meal, dessert is then brought to the tables -- gigantic squares of  homemade blueberry cake.  I wish that I had gotten a picture of this cake, but I failed to do so.  I enjoyed mine with coffee, although Mr. T ended up finishing my cake for me.  The servings are huge.

After the meal, we walked about and explored the island a bit.  Mr. T got a picture of the osprey nest and I enjoyed the many beautiful plantings around the island.  There are activities like horseshoes, badminton, and volleyball available as well, and visitors are encouraged to explore every inch of the island.
The osprey nest at one end of the island
These are some of the bluest hydrangeas I have ever seen.  So gorgeous with the roses!
Daisies and hydrangeas
Just a relaxing spot!
Another flower bed
Soon it was time to board the Bennie Alice again and return to the mainland.  What a wonderful afternoon it had been!

Part 2 will follow later ...


  1. That looks like a great place to visit. The food looks great. Love it and you are right...the hydrangeas are amazing.

    1. Aren't they, Sandy? I am wondering if the salt air has something to do with how well the hydrangeas do here. I saw more colors of them than I have ever seen elsewhere.

      Yes, it is a wonderful place to visit. I never thought I would enjoy Boothbay Harbor at the height of tourist season, but ... I did!

  2. So glad you were able to enjoy this little trip to Maine not just for the beauty and treats from the sea but for the fellowship as well. Miss you all.

    1. Yes, the fellowship was very nice, the food was fantastic and the scenery even better. I would not have imagined I could get so refreshed after just 2 days away. It truly helped so much. Now I'm wondering what a week's vacation might do!

      Miss you too! Thanks for stopping in to visit at my kitchen table.

  3. Sweet friend, what a delightful place to visit! And oh my, the food looks incredibly scrumptious.

    Hugs to you, dear one!

    1. Oh, it is so delightful indeed, Stephanie! And the food was wonderful! If you have never visited the East Coast, you and your dear family might wish to do so sometime and see it all for yourselves.

  4. Delightful! I would have been looking for a hammock after that! =D

    1. Yes, a hammock would have been nice. But a wicker chair in the shade wasn't half bad!

      It was indeed a delightful getaway in every way. So, so thankful Mr. T could take these 2 days away from work and that we had the freedom to just go.

  5. Eye candy for this southern girl, Mrs T. I just watched a vlog by Samathome518 as she and her husband traveled to Maine...Freeport, Kennebunkport, Portland and Acadia National Park. I love all things New England!!

  6. So glad you enjoyed the eye candy, Arlene! I will have to check out that vlog. We love Freeport (more so in the off season, though). I've been to Acadia National Park too. Pemaquid Point and Reid State Park are also favorites of ours.


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