Saturday, December 03, 2016

December 3

Today was our annual Ladies' Christmas Fellowship at church.  We tried something different this year and had a brunch.  For years we had the fellowship on a weekday evening at the church, then switched to having it at someone's home.  Last year we held it on a Saturday afternoon.  This year I had the thought that a brunch might work even better, because it would free up the afternoon and evening during a busy season and would eliminate the concern which many of us have of driving after dark.  We decided to try this and to have it at the church as a more central location.  Most of us felt that it worked out very well as a brunch.  Making foods for a Christmasy brunch is just plain fun.

I brought a California Egg Casserole -- something I have never made at Christmas time before, but it is perfect with red tomato, green avocado, and white cream cheese.  Here it is uncooked.  I failed to get a picture after it baked.

I also made a Cranberry Coffeecake -- a recipe I sort of cobbled together and was so pleased with.  I hope to share the recipe this coming week.

Just a bit of decor.  My friend Heather did the decorating and was determined to make it homey.  She succeeded!
We sat in this area, first to eat, then to have our devotional time, and finally to have our Yankee swap.
The hutch in our fellowship hall was decorated with a Christmasy baking theme.
Gifts awaiting the swap
Buffet table awaiting the arrival of the food
My friend Ruth played her guitar and we sang some carols.

This bowl of cookie cutters was used in our devotional time.  There are relevant Scripture verses clipped to the tags.

Finally gifts were opened.  A fun time.

This Christmas fellowship is a nice way to begin our season and  set our hearts toward the true meaning of the holiday.  The gift swap is fun but really secondary.  It was a lovely morning.


  1. Sometimes it is important to keep thinking about ways to make a thing work instead of giving up as we are prone to do. Glad that you ladies found a way to be together!

    1. It was such a nice time, Vee. You are right ... so important to keep thinking about how to make something work, rather than giving up on it too soon.

  2. Looks like great fun, fellowship and a reminder of the real meaning of the season that is so important.

    1. It was, Bernideen. All of that! I find it a great way to start out the season on the right foot.

  3. I love this post, Mrs T. I can just picture all the ladies gathered to kick off the Christmas season. And I think Mr T is very talented in his wood working.

  4. Thanks, Arlene! It was a lovely time.


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