Monday, March 06, 2017

Goals for 2017, better late than never

This wonderful graphic is by Abby at Little Birdie Blessings

Somehow I just haven't gotten around to setting goals for 2017.

I've done lots of thinking and praying; I've reflected on 2016 and thought about needs for the coming year.  I've reminded myself of God's purposes for my life and His particular job assignments for me.  I've considered areas where I need to grow and change.  I've chosen a word for 2017.   So at long last I'm finally getting around to post my


I've chosen six categories in which to set goals:
Personal growth:  Work on character qualities of unselfishness, kindness, compassion, perseverance, and self-control. Work at eliminating the time-wasting habit of procrastination.  Work through the book Come Before Winter, by Charles Swindoll.  (This is more a devotional book, but I am meditating on the Scriptures he mentions in the "Come Aside" section for each reading and am getting a lot out of it as almost a Bible study.)  Read at least 12 books.  Continue working on my "What Do I Know About My God?" Scripture notebook.  Memorize Scripture on a weekly basis, meditate on it daily, and finish several Bible studies.  Strengthen my computer skills.  Nurture creativity.

Health (physical, mental, and emotional):  Exercise at least 5 times per week.  Get enough water, sleep, fresh air, and sunshine.  Cook and eat with health in mind.  Work on a different healthy habit each month so that in general, I'm taking better care of myself.  Do something creative or craft-related every day.  Journal and write as often as possible.  Cultivate the habit of gratitude.  Seek to be joyful every day and keep my eyes open for the little things that make each day special.

Marriage/family life: Plan periodic getaways.  Take the best possible care of my husband and help him in every way possible.  Take advantage of every moment together.  Take time for dates.  Plan fun family activities with grandkids.  Minister to my husband with the gift of a peaceful, orderly home (translation: declutter the entire house and get back to my homemaking routines!). Plan trip to visit faraway family.

Money matters:  Spend less on groceries on a weekly basis.  Put time into my A-store.   Prayerfully get an Etsy shop up and running if I feel God is leading in that direction.   Consider doing some writing for paid publication.

Relationships outside the home:  Be more of an encourager to my elderly dad and also to my daughters, friends, and the ladies in my Sunday School class.  Prayerfully fulfill my numerous eldercare responsibilities, seeking God's guidance in them.  Stay in better touch with faraway friends and family.  Make myself available to help and encourage those who are nearby.  Continue blogging as a means of encouragement to other ladies.

Ministry:  Deepen my prayer life, praying faithfully for those with deep needs.  Pray regularly and diligently for our church's pastoral search.  Finish teaching a series on following God with all your heart and seek to encourage each lady (including myself) in doing just that.  Start another study, probably in April, with the ladies -- I think this one will be on Proverbs.  Write or re-write another kids' devotional book for summer use by our church's Patch the Pirate Club sailors.  Continue cleaning the church with my hubby once per month. 

Word for 2017: STEWARDSHIP

So happy to have these goals posted at last!


  1. Blessings...

    I do not recall having seen Abby's graphic before. It's wonderful!

  2. Isn't it beautiful and meaningful, Vee? It's actually from a new year post that Abby wrote in 2015. I will share the link for you and others who may be interested. You can find it here:
    A new year with a faithful God.

    Have a blessed day, my friend!

  3. I always love seeing your goals. They are inspiring. I do this in my planner. I don't always get it all done, but it is a goal to keep us on task.

  4. Oh, thanks, Sandy, I am glad you find inspiration here. I don't always get everything done, either, but if I don't aim at something I will not get anything done. I hope to write a post about planning and scheduling, later in the week. We will see!

  5. Wishing you success with your goals and I like your word for 2017.

    1. Thanks, Debby! I always enjoy seeing what word God gives me for a new year!

  6. You are always so transparent with all the goals you have shared, that is awesome to be able to put into writing the things you want to work on and change and goals for the year ahead. Your heart for the Lord is a precious thing. I hope you get to publish some of your writings :) May the Lord bless you richly this year!

  7. Thanks, Marilyn. It's hard to believe the year is already 1/6 over. Now that is sobering!

    I really write out my goals and things that need to change for my own use, but if I put them on my blog it jogs my memory and keeps me committed to them. I firmly believe that if a person aims at nothing, they will hit it every time.

    And, too, I pray that God will use my simple thoughts in the lives of other women, that they might aim to go deeper in their walk with God and living out their faith.


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