Thursday, April 13, 2017

Early spring decorating and more

We do still have snow on the ground, but spring is on the way.  We had nice warm temperatures Tuesday, though today has been rainy and cooler.  I thought I should share a bit of my early spring decorating before I forget about these pictures.

Last week I decided it was time for the top shelf of my hutch to change from winter to spring.  I quickly moved my jadeite plates up there, along with a pretty old sugar bowl, my Royal Doulton Bunnykins mug from childhood, and a pitcher of silk daffodils.

The middle shelf, with its maple sugaring display, stayed the same
 except I pulled the jadeite plates out of it to move to the shelf above.

Below, you see the bottom shelf with a green and white nod to St. Patrick's Day.  For early spring, I took out the St. Pat's Day tag but left the rest of the shelf the same because I like the look!

The green-edged doily is a recent find.  I love it and think it may have been crocheted by one of my great-grandmothers.
 And now for the surprise!  I won a surprise giveaway on my friend Vee's blog. In this post, she had showed a picture of a piece of toast spread with something delicious-looking -- a snack she had recently enjoyed -- and off-handedly asked her readers if they ever had this snack.  She didn't necessarily ask people to guess, but they did.  Unbeknownst to her commenters, she planned to put the correct guesses in a hat and pull one out for a surprise giveaway.  Only she didn't have to do that.  Mine was the only guess of brown sugar and butter.  Other yummy guesses included apple butter and apricot jam, etc.  So in due time I received the following happy mail:
Pretty envelope, bowl cozy, magazine, chocolate, tea, and  Pioneer Woman cloth napkins!
What a fun treat!  Thank you, Vee!  She even included a magazine (not pictured) for my hubby.  We shared the chocolate, too.
Hope you've enjoyed this look at my early spring decor and my fun surprise.  I know that many of you have real spring flowers in bloom already, but they are a long way from blooming here!


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    1. Thanks for the visit, Regine! Happy Spring!

  2. What a nice surprise! (Not your surprise, mine...finding that you have posted about your small gifts. I mean, it's not a Kitchenaid mixer. 🙂 Thank you for the link love.)

    Yes, we still have plenty of snow left. In fact, when I look out the window from where I sit, it looks as if there has been no melting at all.

    I took a day to clear the driveway of sand because it was tracking in so horribly, but there is much, much more to do. In the meantime, I am focusing on being prepared for Easter. Your cake recipe from Gus...I love that you enjoyed the program as much as I used going to help with the menu. I may even already have all the ingredients.

    A blessed Easter season to you. Of course, Christians live in the glory and joy of "He is Risen" daily.

    1. It was a truly fun surprise, Vee. I love happy mail.

      The snow is going fast in open areas. Not so much here in the woods.

      Our driveway is not paved,so it is very muddy indeed right now. And yes, plenty is being tracked in. We try to keep crocs or boots on the porch to slip on if we are just going out to the mailbox or something; helps with the tracking in.

      So nifty that we both enjoyed the Yankee Kitchen back in the day. Gus was the perfect host. Have you ever blogged about it? And did you ever call in to the show? I tried it once just to answer a question, but someone got on before I did.

      Hope your family likes the cake. We love it! A bit decadent, but somehow it's also very refreshing.

      A blessed Easter to you as well, and Amen! to living daily in the glory and joy of the resurrection.

    2. Funny you should ask...

      It seems as if I have blogged about everything. 😏

    3. Now this is pretty sad, Vee, for when I got to the post I found that not only had I previously read this post, I had actually commented on it. My memory is like a sieve these days.

      Loved the post and hope others will follow the link and read more about Gus and the Yankee Kitchen.

  3. I love that you decorate your hutch seasonally. I had a hutch similar to that in our previous home. I miss it. It is those little treasures that bring us daily joy to look at.
    It is full blown spring here and probably going to full blown summer here soon. The snow has certainly lingered up there. The weirdest of winter and spring seasons for sure.

    1. Thanks, Sandy. I love those little treasures, as you said, that bring us daily joy to look at. Love to display them seasonally.

      Full blown summer soon? Not here. Monday and Tuesday were warm and lovely, but then a day of rain and today is cool and partly cloudy. Still plenty of snow in shaded areas, though most fields are bare or nearly so.

  4. Congrats on the win and your hutch looks great. Love your collection.

  5. Thanks, Debby! I so enjoy decorating my hutch for the seasons!


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