Thursday, December 07, 2017

My simple Christmas curtains

A few days ago I mentioned my dining room curtains and a simple change I made for Christmas, and Vee asked to see my Christmas curtains.

As I mentioned in that post, years ago I made some curtains to cover the bottom half of the dining room windows that look onto the porch.  The view is not all that pretty , and these simple curtains from vintage fabric

worked very well to camouflage it and still let light in.  Later on, I made some fall curtains with fabric I had on hand. 

For years, I've been wanting to make curtains specifically for Christmas or winter.  I've seen some lovely ideas, but there just hasn't been time to make the curtains.   So I usually just use the geranium curtains shown at top.   They are green and red, after all.

But this year I tried something different.  I used wooden clothespins to clip red-and-white checked dishtowels to the tension rods.  
 The photo above shows both windows.  Since the dishtowels are not wide enough to cover the entire window, I opted to keep them to one side of each window.
This is a better photo as far as showing the color of the walls and so on.  The hooked rug picture, if anyone was wondering, was made by my great-aunt Marjorie with the traditional hand hooking method.

These "curtains" would look nicer if I had enough dishtowels to use two per window, but I only have enough for one each so am going with that for now.  It has occurred to me that I could probably find some Christmas dishtowels, maybe even in the dollar store,  to serve the same purpose, so I may eventually do that.  And I'd still love to make some Christmas curtains, one of these years.  For now, though, my simple and cost-free solution is working fine.


  1. A great idea Mrs T. I am seeing the clothespin idea a lot on primitive/country decorating magazines. It is good to be able to change them for the seasons as well.

    1. I'm thankful I thought of doing this, Arlene. We went curtainless for a day or two after I took the fall ones down, and really didn't care for it. This was a simple solution and yes, it will be fun to change with the seasons.

  2. A very good idea! Now, sometimes I use traditional rods and sometimes I take them down and use string. This idea of pinning a towel would lend itself perfectly to string. I may just have to snag your idea. Cute!

    1. Using string is a good idea too! I already had the rods in place so opted to use them, but string is definitely a great option. I have also seen tree branches used in place of rods.

      I recently read an idea of stringing a pine cone on a ribbon and using as a tie back. That would be cute with these simple curtains, I think.

    2. Yes, that would make a cute tie-back.

    3. I may try it, just for fun!


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