Friday, December 08, 2017

December 8

Photo from Taste of Home
Well, a few Christmasy things have gotten done since my last progress post.  On Tuesday, I baked some Eggnog Log Cookies -- one of our favorite Christmas cookies.  They are one of the most time-consuming, so I made a double batch and sternly advised my husband not to eat too many of them. 

Wednesday I didn't manage to do a lot toward Christmas .. had a dental procedure late morning.  I did, however, bring my own CD (I listen to music during procedures involving the dentist's drill) and so John McDermott's soothing tenor kept me relaxed as I listened to The Holly and the Ivy.   (The Piano Guys would not have been as relaxing, but they sure would have drowned out the sound of the drill!)
Thursday I bought loads of ingredients for kitchen gifts as I did my regular grocery shopping.  I will definitely be making a couple of batches of chocolate-dipped orange slices, so got 4 bags of the candy and a large bag of dark chocolate chips.  Those who are interested may find that recipe here.  It's a real favorite!
Then Thursday afternoon I baked a batch of Secret Spice Cookies, dipping the tops in red or green sugar as I usually do with this type of cookie at Christmas.  They turned out really well and I wished I had made a double batch.  My hubby couldn't determine what the secret spice was, but he thought the cookies tasted great!
And then I tackled making a batch of Kitty’s Christmas Jam.  I had found the recipe last year and really wanted to try making some, but ran out of time.  I was fairly determined to make some jam this year and am glad that I made the effort.
The jam came out very well.  Now to decorate the jars for gift-giving, which should be lots of fun.

Today I've done very little toward Christmas preparations, other than to make a list for our little annual Christmas shopping excursion with three of our grandkids, planned for tomorrow.  Right now, though, I hope to wrap a few gifts.


  1. Anonymous9:08 PM

    You are making great progress! Only thing I did was finish the tree and move the boxes off the sofa.

    You can take your own music? I hate listening to what they select. The first appointment, I had to listen to the soundtrack from Frozen. Ha!



    I am glad that your husband could not determine the "secret" ingredient. Because that secret ingredient is a doozy. ��

    1. Vee? How did you become Anonymous? Just one of those Blogger happenings?

      Well, you may be making better progress than I, because our tree is not yet up and yours is! I didn't get in any kitchen time today other than to make supper, and no gifts got wrapped either, though I did haul out a gift bag and some tags.

      You really can't taste the secret ingredient. I mean, I can, because I know it's there, and I'm sure you could too. But my hubby just thought it was a nice, not terribly spicy, flavor. Even when I told him what the spice was, he couldn't identify it. I actually like these cookies quite a bit. Will be interested to hear how you like them, if you try the recipe!

    2. Just realized I forgot to mention the music at the dentist. Yes ... they have the CD players, of course, and a selection of music. But they are fine with people bringing their own. Back many years ago, I listened to George Winston's "December" (one of theirs) during a root canal and I actually loved the music enough that I ended up buying the cassette. No evil associations!

  2. My you're a busy one! I've lost interest in baking, my daughter does some and that's enough for this household for now. Enjoy your preparations!

  3. Yup, it was I! Am having whacky troubles all over Blogdom since I left actually blogging. My own blog won’t always allow me in.

    1. How crazy! I hope you can get back to blogging in some fashion, eventually, though. I do enjoy keeping up with you a bit now that I'm getting the hang of Instagram.

  4. Your business is beautiful!
    Dear Kitty, gifted me with one of her jars of Christmas jam a couple of years ago and I've been hooked ever since!! Oh is some delicious. :-) It has become my ultimate favorite jam.
    My late grandmother absolutely loved those orange candies and because she would have them around when I visited with her,I too, fell in love with them.
    I must try that recipe with the chocolate.
    I have a recipe for caramel corn made with Chesters corn puffs that is awesome! No kernel seeds to deal with and it melts in your mouth. That is all that I have made thus far and given out as gifts. I made a couple of batches for the rehab center where mom is and the night nurses very much enjoyed snacking on it through the night hours.
    So lovely to visit with you, and thank you for your sweet visit today. :-)


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