Tuesday, May 15, 2018

This morning in the wildflower garden

This morning I took a quick stroll into the wildflower garden to see what is blooming.  I didn't take any new photos because the black flies are pretty horrendous today.

I spied a painted trillium (seen at top) over on the left side of the garden.  It's pretty much the only thing over there right now so I was delighted to see it.

The bloodroot flowers are gone -- they are very short-lived -- but the pretty, sort of tropical-looking leaves remain.  So just picture the leaves without the flowers.

There are loads of pretty white wind anemones.

Purple violets add a nice note of color there and there.

There is also a bit of goldthread.  I guess I haven't taken any photos of this before, so I had to resort to one from a wildflower site.  I didn't realize until I looked this up that goldthread may actually be a folk remedy for certain conditions.  Many of the wildflowers in this little garden were given to my daughter by others; I'm pretty sure her grandfather contributed the goldthread.  He knew all the wildflowers and just where to find them.
This photo is from Wildflowers of the Adirondacks.
Outside the garden in a different area is this pretty yellow clintonia, also called blue bead lily.

And down at my dad's I snapped this rather dull-looking photo with my Kindle while being swarmed by black flies.  If I think of it I'll try to get one with the camera tomorrow.

It's a yellow violet.  He brought this plant home from somewhere, years and years ago.  It seems there aren't very many of the yellow ones around the yard anymore like there used to be.

And that's the wildflower report for May 15!


  1. I don't believe I have ever seen a yellow violet! Thanks for sharing.

  2. All so pretty! I picked a wildflower bouquet yesterday and our wildflowers are different from yours.....I brought my flower book so I can look them up!
    May flowers are everywhere!

  3. Beautiful and very colorful wildflowers! Thanks for sharing your photos and knowledge with us! I don't know a flower from a weed, so I always seems to learn something here!


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