Sunday, July 29, 2018

Desperate times call for desperate measures ... like iced tea

And the times lately have certainly been desperate as far as heat and humidity are concerned.

As a rule at our house, we no longer drink sweetened beverages.  Mr. T does use a little stevia in his coffee.  But for cold beverages, our first choice is always nice cold water.  Sometimes we will have kombucha.  I enjoy unsweetened iced tea with lemon, but my hubby does not, so I don't usually bother making it just for me.  Usually, water is the most refreshing and most usual cold drink for us.

However.  There are times when a lightly sweetened iced tea is just the ticket.  We've had an unusually long spell of heat and humidity and I have found myself making a jug of iced tea twice during it.

I do use my daughter's recipe,  which is a good bit healthier than my mother usually made iced tea.  (She used a can of lemonade concentrate, replete with high fructose corn syrup I am sure.  Though, in her defense, I do remember many, many years ago when she used lemons and sugar instead.)

I have copied and pasted Carrie's recipe just as I wrote it in a 2007 blog post.  When I've made this during those desperate times this summer, I've made half a batch.  And I've used brown sugar, which feels just a tiny bit healthier and adds a bit more depth to the flavor.


12 cups boiling water
12 green tea bags
1 cup sugar
4 Tblsp. orange juice
4 Tblsp. lemon juice

Pour the boiling water over the tea bags in a large bowl. Let steep 5 to 7 minutes only. Stir in sugar and juices. Stir well; let cool. Transfer to a pitcher and let chill in refrigerator. Serve over ice.

This recipe may easily be halved and is very adaptable. I often add in some lime juice along with the other citrus juices, and usually when I halve the recipe I still use the full amount of fruit juice. Sometimes I use regular tea in place of the green tea -- just as tasty! Sometimes I use 11 regular tea bags and 1 flavored one such as mint, raspberry, or peach. Gives a nice, different flavor.

If heat and humidity have you desperate, too,  you might like to give Carrie's recipe a try!


  1. I like to use green tea too, and like you ,drink my tea without sugar or sweeter, but Dh enjoys his sweet tea, this sounds like one I could use to cut back on the sugar. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hope you give it a try, Sue! The orange juice means you can use less sugar and maybe get away with it, depending on just how sweet your hubby likes his tea!

  2. Now that must make a nice batch! I usually purchase Paul Newman brand iced tea because it does not have high fructose corn syrup. One must be a careful reader of ingredients these days to be sure. “Adam”s Ale” is usually the best for rehydrating. Alas, I can not drink my water cold anymore. Anyway, stay cool and hydrated over there!

    1. That's right about the Newman's Own iced tea. I've bought that occasionally in the past and it is very good.

      So true about "Adam's Ale" -- what an old-timey description that is for water. I'd forgotten about that term until you mentioned it. Water is surely the best for hydration, you're right.

  3. I just use 4 decaf Luzianne tea bags and hot tap water. Takes about an hour for a gallon of yummy unsweetened tea. I often use 1 cup of stevia when I want it sweetened. I don't care for lemon in my tea.

    1. That is a good idea, Terri. Sun tea is good, also. Thanks for sharing what you do to make unsweetened iced tea.

  4. I bought an iced tea maker several years ago and like that much better than on the stove. I use a combination of black or green tea and herbal, usually peppermint or lemon. The Kool-Aid pitcher made me smile!

    1. Oh, an iced tea maker sounds like a good idea, Maureen!

      We had a plastic Kool-Aid pitcher when I was growing up ... always loved that smile!

      Thanks for visiting. Stop in again anytime!


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